Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Jackson Lonie‘s ex Ella Kemp has revealed that his OnlyFans career played a part in their eventual split.

ICYMI: We previously revealed that Jackson and Ella had struck up a romance following his split from Olivia Frazer in August. However, thanks to a telling Instagram Q&A, we know the romance was over before it really began!

Now, in an exclusive chat with So Dramatic!‘s Megan Pustetto, the influencer has dished what really went down between her and the MAFS groom.

According to Ella, she and Jackson “never were actually dating”; however, they had been seeing each other for about two months after meeting in Brisbane just a couple of weeks after his split with Olivia went public.

“It was the weekend of Matt [Ridley]‘s birthday,” she recalled, adding that she met Jackson via Cody Bromely, who she knows “quite well”.

While Ella admitted she and the reality star “hit it off over a mutual dislike of somebody”, Jackson initially “hit on” one of her friends.

“I was trying to set him up with my friend… We kind of just started chatting and whatnot,” she said. “Then we all just had a few drinks, had a good night.”

cody-bromley mafs
Ella revealed she met Jackson through Cody Bromley, who she “knows quite well”. Source: Nine.

The duo agreed to “catch up again” in Sydney and did so several times, with Jackson travelling down from the Central Coast “a fair bit” for dates.

However, the romance quickly “fizzled out”.

“The reason why it didn’t go anywhere is because he’d just come out of a relationship and look, if I’m completely honest… I wasn’t the biggest fan that he did OnlyFans,” Ella confessed.

The Sydneysider then dished that she was “absolutely not” interested in making her own foray onto the site, an idea she claimed Jackson had tried “swinging past” her.

“I was just like, ‘No, no way’.”

Ella Kemp Admits That a Lack of Trust Also Contributed to Her Break Up from Jackson Lonie

Fans first caught wind of Jackson and Ella’s relationship after a So Dramatic! spy slid into the DMs with footage of a blonde woman with Jackson at an ATM.

However, Ella has told So Dramatic! that she ISN’T the bombshell in the clip and WTAF?!

She also admitted that the video did leave her shook, however, because it emerged just days after she’d spent the weekend with the TV groom on the Central Coast.

Given they weren’t “exclusive”, she initially decided not to mention the video before changing her mind.

“I was like, ‘You know what, I’m just gonna say something’, because [it] kind of hurt my feelings that I’d gone all that way and whatnot [to visit],” Ella admitted. “We spoke about it [and] we kind of agreed to just end it there.”

A week later, however, Jackson said he wanted to “keep on” with the hooking up after he “played off like nothing happened” with the ATM woman.

As such, the duo continued to hang out but “the trust wasn’t really there”.

Ella said she “lost trust” in Jackson after the video of him at the ATM emerged. Source: Instagram.

“I knew something did [happen], and then we spoke about it and he was like, ‘Yeah, no look, I did blah blah blah’,” Ella remembered. “So that was kind of it.

“I just kind of lost trust which just turned me off, I won’t lie.”

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