Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Jack Millar‘s ex Ella Kemp has revealed there was an overlap between their relationship and his current romance with Love Island‘s Courtney Stubbs.

Word first got out about Jack’s relationship with a mystery blonde (ie. Ella) in March after they were photographed together just days after he and Domenica Calarco‘s final vows played out on TV.

According to the influencer, that pic was actually taken “halfway” through their romance, with Ella telling the So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pustetto that they actually began dating just TWO WEEKS after MAFS 2022 hit the small screen in February.

“It was really hard to watch, to be honest,” she said of Jack’s MAFS experience. “At the beginning it was fine… but towards the end it was like, ‘I’m watching him on TV with another girl, like, this is weird’.”

However, it was nothing compared to finding out he was seeing someone else via Instagram.

Ella Kemp Was Looking After Jack Millar’s Dog When He Posted About Being on a Date

Noting that it was around the same time Jack regained access to his social media in May, Ella said she was dogsitting the TV groom’s pup Finn when he posted himself on a date with another woman on Instagram.

jack millar mafs dog
Ella said Jack posted about being on a date in Melbourne while she dog-sat his pup Finn. Source: Instagram.

“He basically got me to dog sit his dog while he went to Melbourne and went on a date with another girl and posted it all over his stories,” she recalled of the brunette woman.

“I honestly don’t know if it was Courtney… she had long brunette hair. I remember seeing it and I asked him about it and he made out like it was for an Instagram deal and he was getting paid to make out like it was the perfect date.

“So, that was the beginning of the end,” she said, highlighting there were “constant red flags” when it came to her bae.

Ella Kemp and Jack Miller Were Still In Touch When He Started Seeing Courtney Stubbs

In September, Jack and Courtney took to social media with a “storytime” of how they met. In it, they detailed the moment they locked eyes with each other at Domenica’s Showpo launch in May.

They also revealed they linked up again at the 2022 Logie Awards on June 19, a date Ella says confirms that there was a relationship crossover.

“That definitely would have crossed over with me, just putting that out there,” she revealed in episode 224 of the So Dramatic! podcast.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Convinced that the MAFS fame “went to his head, 100 per cent”, the TikTok sensation said she thinks Jack was “keeping his options open” by not becoming official with her.

“I think he just wanted to stay relevant and he has found someone now that’s supposedly relevant,” she said of his relationship with the Love Island 2021 star, which he debuted on the ‘gram after telling Ella he “missed” her.

“We had a two-hour phone call… we were just catching up. I remember I said like, ‘I miss you’, he was like, ‘Miss you too, it’s been ages’,” she said.

Then, just a few days later, Jack and Courtney’s relationship hit headlines.

Ella Kemp Recalls the Moment She Knew Jack Millar and Courtney Stubbs Were Officially Dating

“One of my friends [was] sending me [Courtney’s] Story,” Ella said. “I was like, ‘What the fuck? Are these two dating?'”

jack mafs courtney love island snow
Ella said she was blindsided upon seeing Jack and Courtney’s Mount Perisher photos. Source: Instagram.

Ella said “more and more people” proceeded to send her the photos as many of her close friends knew she was “seeing [Jack] for a long time”.

“I think it was really disrespectful,” she admitted. “That’s not how a 27-year-old should handle things like that.”

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 224 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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