The Block Australia 2022‘s Scotty Cam came under fire on Twitter yet again after suggesting Omar Slaimankhel and Osman “Oz” Malik looked like “bouncers”.

It certainly wasn’t the first time the show has aired racist remarks and stereotypes about the fan favourite Blockheads. In fact, Scotty and several other foremen claimed the boys were “dodgy” in their finances and professionalism.

the block scott cam omar oz bouncers
The Block 2022 has repeatedly come under fire on Twitter for airing racist comments towards Omar Slaimankhel and Oz Malik. Source: Instagram.

During the October 12 episode, Omar and Oz were dressed to the nines in colour-coordinated suits for their Domain inspection challenge.

When Scotty saw the dapper duo chatting to an important VIP, he just had to interrupt so he could share his unsolicited thoughts with the world by saying they looked like “bouncers”.

the block scott cam omar oz bouncers
Scotty claimed Omar and Oz looked like “bouncers” wearing their expensive suits. What clubs is he going to? Source: Nine.

“Are these nightclub bouncers giving you a hard time?” Scotty asked the head of Domain’s magazine division Alice Stolz.

Luckily, the two larrikins took the tasteless joke in their stride, waiting for the (fake) laughter to die down before immediately asking Scotty to show some ID to stay in their house.

The Block 2022 Fans on Twitter Were Outraged Over Scotty Cam’s “Bouncer” Comment on Behalf of Omar and Oz

The Block’s less forgiving viewership immediately took to Twitter, calling Scotty out for the problematic remark.

omar oz the block
It wasn’t the first time the show has aired racist remarks and stereotypes about the fan favourite Blockheads, having been repeatedly called “dodgy” in past episodes. Source: Nine.

However, some viewers on Facebook thought the interaction was hilarious, with a few suggesting Scotty had tears in his eyes from laughing at the boys’ shenanigans.

“I loved it when Scotty called them nightclub bouncers, and then they asked Scotty for his ID lol made me laugh! Love the boys,” one fan wrote.

Another agreed: “Loved it when Scotty said they are security & boom back the reply show us your ID.”  

Whether the laughs are fake or not, just keep going, boys! You’ve nearly made it.

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