The Block Australia 2022 fans on Twitter are getting pretty damn tired of Scotty Cam wasting time by having a big ol’ goss sesh about Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra.

During the October 9 episode of the hit show, the 59-year-old host spilled some incredibly lukewarm tea during his weekly rounds with Shelley Craft, talking about House Five’s abysmal finances.

scott cam
The Block 2022 fans on Twitter are pretty damn tired of Scott Cam’s gossiping. Source: Nine.

While many fans agreed that their budget shouldn’t be so out of control – especially since Ankur is an accountant (LOL) – some complained that Scotty was enjoying his “b*tch” sesh a little too much.

The fan reactions come after Scotty had a go at Ankur for blowing their budget by $53,000, and if we had $53,000…

“You’re an accountant. I can’t understand this,” Scotty said. NGL, we’re a bit confused by that one as well.

sharon ankur scotty shelley
During his weekly rounds with Shelley Craft, Scott had a full goss session about Sharon and Ankur’s abysmal finances. Source: Nine.

But Ankur felt Scotty’s interrogation was a “personal attack” because he brought his “career into this”.

Sharon agreed with her husband, telling the camera: “‘I knew we were in sh*t with the budget, but I was blindsided by the action and how swift and harsh it was.” Ooft!

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