A real-life guest on board The Real Love Boat Australia 2022 has slammed production after her holiday was “ruined”.

ICYMI: For its maiden voyage, filming took place on the Regal Princess, with host Darren McMullen steering the contestants on the romantic waters of the Mediterranean.

Now, the paying passenger has revealed that filming impacted her vacay.

the real love boat
There were real-life passengers on board the Regal Princess while filming The Real Love Boat Australia, and one guest was NOT happy. Source: Ten.

In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, a woman — known as Ms Johnson — said she wouldn’t have joined the ship if they had known the “potential disruptions”, including “step ladders” across the bottom of her sun lounger “ready for filming”.

“Trollies of equipment noisily wheeled back and forth, main areas were cordoned off, and passengers were flicked out of the way so they could build a set for filming,” she told the outlet while sharing a photograph from her time on the ship.

A photograph was shared on Facebook of the production crew filming onboard the vessel. Source: Facebook.

“Maybe many passengers were intrigued and felt part of the experience, we were not,” she said before adding that some of the “contestants were not careful with ‘cruise conduct'”.

Ms Johnson added that the cast would often be overheard making remarks about “free drinks”.

“Not a problem in a nightclub maybe, but not this as our main holiday and not a week in Ibiza.”

the real love boat kissing
The cast would often be overheard making remarks about “free drinks”. Source: Ten.

Another passenger, Casey Plessel, also took to the social platform to say that her accommodation on the ship had been “downgraded as they prioritised the crew”.

While Jon Gardiner said that some venues on the vessel were off limits from time to time which was occasionally a little annoying, but [filming] was interesting to watch.”

Passengers Received a Letter from Princess Cruises When They Embarked On the Regal Princess

The publication also shared a letter that Ms Johnson received upon embarking on the ship.

“We’re excited to share that during this voyage, we will be filming a new television series titled The Real Love Boat, a reality-based program inspired by the iconic TV show,” it read.

“The production team will be filming at various locations and times around the ship. We hope you’ll enjoy getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse of some television magic during your vacation.”

the regal princess
Guests received a letter from Regal Princess upon embarking on the ship. Source: Facebook.

Furthermore, a well-placed So Dramatic! source revealed that other guests were “thrilled” by seeing television in the making.

“Heaps of guests asked the contestants for photos and loved watching,” they said.

“The cast was learning the guest names and would wave and say ‘hi’ when they saw them!”

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