The Block 2022‘s Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra reportedly copped a bad edit on the show because they “talked sh*t about everyone” during filming.

It’s no secret that drama has followed the House Three duo throughout the season, with multiple scandals painting Sharon and Ankur as the 2022 “villains”.

Now, as reported in episode 219 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the lawyer and accountant may have been spared had they not put the cast and crew on blast “constantly”.

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The Block 2022‘s Sharon and Ankur’s bad edit is reportedly the result of “talking sh*t about everyone” during filming. Source: Nine.

An on-set source said “production really came after House Three” and “made things difficult” due to Sharon “p*ssing them off” from “day two”.

“She was constantly fighting with producers, and by the end, they had just had enough and weren’t going to go out of their way to help them,” they dished.

What’s more, the pair “had a lot to say about producers”, which was heard through the contestants’ microphones.

“They talked sh*t about everyone — Keith [Schleiger], Dan [Reilly], Scotty Cam [and the] other contestants,” the source recalled. “Producers didn’t like what they heard and confronted them about it, but they continued to do it.”

Sharon and Ankur Were Warned By Other Crew to Stop “Talking Sh*t”

The insider said Sharon and Ankur were warned by their builders “early on” to reign in the whinging.

“They needed to rethink their attitude and stop talking sh*t about people on camera as it would come back to bite them,” they recounted. “[Builder Liam] said ‘if you wanna talk sh*t, at least wait until you’re de-mic’d in bed’.”

The warning came as he was worried that production and the site foremen would “take it out on Sharon and Ankur”.

“As a result, House Three got treated pretty badly towards the end.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

This was evident during Living Room Week when the couple “badmouthed Keith” for taking too long to dismount scaffolding, even though he stayed overnight to assist the team.

“Keith was not very happy and didn’t come to House Three for about three days,” the insider confessed.

“I’ve never seen him so angry.”

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