Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Samantha Moitzi has teased a foray onto OnlyFans; however, it may not be for the NSFW reason the website is known for

Several participants of the marriage experiment have made lucrative careers on the adult content-sharing site, with six from the 2022 season signing up this year.

During an Instagram Q&A on September 7, Samantha mused that she has recently “thought about” joining OnlyFans.

samantha moitzi
Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Samantha Moitzi has teased a foray onto OnlyFans. Source: Instagram.

“I have thought about making an OnlyFans for an exclusive access into my private life,” the 27-year-old dished. “Instagram can be so curated sometimes, and you have to be relatively censored.

“Comment on my most recent photo or DM me if you’d be interested.”

In a subsequent post, Samantha clarified that should she start an OnlyFans page, it wouldn’t be limited to “porn only”.

“OnlyFans is a platform where you can upload content behind a paywall,” she penned. “It’s not for porn only.”

The TV bride then asserted that “there’s nothing wrong” with “asking people to pay for access into [her] private life”.

When she joined MAFS, Samantha was a visual merchandiser; however, she has since launched her clothing line, Silk Leppard.

Should she sign up to OnlyFans, she will join co-stars Domenica Calarco, Olivia Frazer, Jessica Seracino, Jackson Lonie, Daniel Holmes and Mitch Eynaud on the site.

In the same set of Stories, Samantha addressed the news that her TV husband, Al Perkins had signed on to Love Island Australia 2022.

Samantha Moitzi Says She’s “Not Annoyed” That Al Perkins Is On Love Island Australia 2022

Noting that she received “a few questions about Al” and his foray onto the dating show, Samantha said she was “definitely not annoyed” about his latest TV venture.

al sam mafs 2022
Samantha’s TV husband Al Perkins is currently filming Love Island Australia 2022. Source: Nine.

However, she is “a little bit confused” due to clauses in their MAFS contracts.

“Because we’re actually not allowed to apply for any reality TV shows for, like, over a year of the last episode [of MAFS] airing,” Samantha said. “But I guess because maybe Love Island‘s a Channel Nine production… he got special allowance for that.”

She continued: “Good on him for getting opportunities. I’m super happy for him.”

sam mafs al love island
Samantha said she was “super happy” for Al’s Love Island stint. Source: Instagram.

The reality star said she thinks her former TV flame will “love Love Island” because he “loves a tan, getting his shirt off… pretty women in bikinis.

“Why would he not have the best time?” she confessed, adding: “I hope he finds love.”

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