Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Mitch Eynaud‘s “new girlfriend” has been identified after she was recently spotted with the TV groom — and it turns out she’s not his bae at all!

As exclusively revealed by So Dramatic!, Mitch was caught on camera arguing with security guards after he was booted from a Brisbane nightclub. During the kerfuffle, the mystery brunette beauty remained close by.

She has since been identified as Simone Laura, with one So Dramatic! source saying she was “very apologetic” for Mitch’s actions.

However, despite the insider claiming they “looked like a couple”, Simone has told So Dramatic! that she only met Mitch during the night out.

simone laura mitch
Simone revealed she only met Mitch during their night out. Source: Instagram.

The mum of two revealed that she came across Mitch after meeting her friends downstairs at the club.

“I don’t know him,” she said. “The poor guy seemed to need some help navigating a conversation, and that was it.”

Simone added that Mitch was “extremely heated” and was “trying to instigate a one-on-one [fight] with the bouncers”.

“We’re definitely not involved, and I left a couple of minutes later.”

Case closed! Or is it?

Onlookers Reveal More of Mitch Eynaud’s “Gross” Behaviour

Simone further added that Mitch’s behaviour was “so unhinged” and was “definitely not [her] type”.

“His mouth was feral, to be honest. He was so awful to security who were only trying to do their jobs so I had to say something,” she said. “Deadset so gross, the entitlement was embarrassing.”

With Mitch out celebrating Matt Ridley‘s 40th birthday, Simone also dished the deets on some seedy behaviour from the birthday boy.

mitch matt mafs
Mitch was celebrating Matt Ridley’s birthday when the messy night unfolded. Source: Instagram @mnaud__.

“I wasn’t at the party but Matt was so creepy to us later on in the night at another club,” she said.

“We had a booth, and he kept coming up to us and doing this weird dance and then leaving like he was leaving us wanting more.” Ew, where’s the vomit react?

Why Was Mitch Eynaud Booted from a Brisbane Nightclub?

While it seemed the entire group — including the newly single Daniel Holmes and Jackson Lonie — got up to some mischief, Mitchy-boi got up to the most…strife, that is!

As reported in episode 208 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a sneaky spy sent in some damning evidence showing the MAFS groom arguing with security guards at a fancy-ass nightclub.

Not only was Mitch causing a scene — like he’s done in the past — but he also stood next to a mystery woman! Is this double the tea?!

“He wasn’t allowed to go into the club,” our source revealed. “Jackson and some other guys were upstairs, and Mitch went absolutely ballistic!”

According to the report, security guards from surrounding clubs were called in to assist, and they had to “physically move him away”. Yikes!

“He was so entitled I couldn’t believe it,” the source continued. “He was very, very, angry, which bummed me out as he seemed cool on the show.

“Mitch kept calling the security guards dirty dog c*nts and that he wanted them one on one around the corner.”

MAFS’ very own dog c*nt saga of 2022! How delightful!

You can peep the full video below!

Why Did Mitch Eynaud Get Kicked Out of the Club?

Another So Dramatic! investigative journalist was on hand to deliver more goods about this hectic AF story.

“We were hosting a party in one of the function rooms at the Prince Consort Hotel in Fortitude Valley [Brisbane],” the source said.

MAFS 2022 groom Matt a.k.a ‘twisties breath‘, was having his 40th party in another of the function spaces.

“I spotted Daniel lurking outside the ladies’ toilets… Then a little later, my friend saw Mitch get removed from a toilet cubicle with three girls and was promptly kicked out of the venue.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

According to the source, the security guard then had to collect a CONDOM from the floor with a paper towel and dispose of it. VOMIT.

When asked how four people could fit inside a cubicle, the spy said: “It might have been the disabled toilet.

“Going by the condom retrieved from the floor by the security guard, I’d say some sexy shenanigans were going on.” Well, duh!

Looks like those women copped an eyeful of Mitch’s OnlyFans content IRL!

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 208 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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