The Amazing Race Australia 2022 is finally going international for the first time since 2019 but a bizarre “world-first” rule about starting locations for the 2022 racers has us scratching our heads.

For the first time in any Amazing Race series, two completely separate teams of groups begin the race from two different Australian cities.

The “world-first” change for the adventure reality series will see one group of 20 Amazing Race Australia contestants from Melbourne and another 20 starting from Sydney. But like, why?

The Amazing Race Australia – hosted by Beau Ryanis finally going international again for the first time since 2019. Source: Ten.

While more contestants starting the race could be fun viewing, it seems unnecessary.

However, the Melbourne and Sydney teams will be oblivious to each other’s existence until they meet in Morocco for the race’s second leg.

What Will Change with The New Twist on The Amazing Race Australia 2022?

How will the new twist impact the race? Short version, we kind of don’t think it will. At all.

The Sydney and Melbourne teams are apparently “completely different”, according to

If they’re not directly competing against each other (at least for the first leg), why can’t they know about each other? We need answers ASAP!

Not to mention that most of the contestants aren’t actually from Melbourne or Sydney…

Among this year’s teams are WA-based “vegan warriors” Bren and Anja, NSW country kids Fliss and Tottie, “blonde buddies” Morgan and Lilli from Queensland and Western Australian “mullet” duo Sam and Stu.

Besides, we root for contestants that we like (or those who stir the pot) – not their home state (or starting locale). Just us?

COVID-19 Border Restrictions Are Another New Twist For Contestants on The Amazing Race Australia

For anybody who has gone overseas recently (yeah, yeah, don’t rub it in), you’ll know that COVID restrictions are a new challenge of their own.

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To be fair, watching contestants fill out their vaccination and declaration forms wouldn’t precisely be thrilling viewing, so we get why show-runners aren’t spruiking that as a new twist.

Whether they start from Melbourne or Sydney, the duo who wins The Amazing Race Australia 2022 will score $250,000 plus two new Isuzu cars.

Season Five winners Brendon Crawley and Jackson Dening. Source: Ten.

We’ll watch for the wholesome duos, bonkers challenges, stunning locations across six continents and host Beau Ryan inevitably taking his shirt off, which won’t be impacted by the change. So, go off, we guess?

The Amazing Race Australia 2022 premieres on August 29 on Ten and 10Play.

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