Beau Ryan and Kyle Sandilands have revealed the insane amounts of money they were both offered to appear on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here Australia.

Beau appeared on The Kyle and Jackie-O Show yesterday to discuss all things I’m a Celebrity.

And nothing was off-limits! with both Beau and Kyle sharing the respective mind-boggling sums they were offered to appear on the show.

In his typical fashion, Kyle dropped an absolute bombshell: He had been offered ONE MILLION DOLLARS to sign up to a few weeks in the jungle, but he turned it down.

“I’ve been asked back to back every year,” Kyle laughed. “They really wanted me.”

And we can see why! Kyle in the jungle (/outback) would have been total TV gold!

s jungle" Kyle Sandilands revealed on radio that he had been offered a massive salary to appear on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here Australia,
Beau Ryan confessed he was initially offered $600,000 to appear on season 2 of I’m a Celeb. Source: Network Ten

Prompted by Kyle’s co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, Beau admitted he had initially been offered $600,000 to appear on season two of the show, but decided against it at the time, before finally agreeing to take part this year.

When asked if he received the same amount for his 2022 stint on I’m a Celeb, Beau admitted that unfortunately he did not.

Whilst he didn’t disclose the exact sum he received for his time on the recent season, he did spill some details about his pay cheque.

“I got some top-up on my network deal,” he admitted.

Beau Ryan Reveals Why He Left the Jungle

The radio interview happened the morning after we saw Beau walk out of the I’m a Celeb jungle.

“Last night you did a little sookie and pulled the I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! card,” Kyle teased.

Hey Kyle, it’s not like living in the jungle with hardly any food and bugs crawling all over you is easy, okay? We would LOVE to see you try it!

Kyle Sandilands revealed on radio that he had been offered a massive salary to appear on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here Australia, but he turned it down.
Beau spoke to Kyle and Jackie O about the real reasons he left the I’m a Celeb jungle. Source: Instagram @kyleandjackieo

Beau confessed:” For about two days before I left I seriously thought about leaving and I had about a three day period where I did no trials.”

“I like to keep moving and if I feel like I’m struggling in life or in anything I usually have things to get me through it.”

The ex-footballer explained that in the jungle he had created a routine that was helping him get through. Every day Beau got up, did some training with Nathan Buckley, and then went for a swim in the “pool” (the lake).

This routine was what had been keeping him sane. However, the fateful morning before he waved the white flag, tragedy struck: There was a tree in the pool!

“I was like; I need the tree out of the pool or I’m going to leave,” Beau confessed.

He said he felt like he was “in the Truman Show” and had “no idea what was going on around me when I was in these spin-out modes.”

When Kyle asked if “it was true mental torture” Beau admitted that yes, it was.

“I can’t explain how I was feeling,” he added.

Understandable, TBH.

s jungle" Kyle Sandilands revealed on radio that he had been offered a massive salary to appear on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here Australia
Beau Ryan confessed taking part in the show was comparable to mental torture. Source: Network Ten

Beau Was Concerned for His Family

He added that the show had been filmed in September, during the pandemic, and he was concerned for his family.

The pandemic has already been incredibly stressful, even without the added pressure of being stranded in a literal jungle.

Despite reassurance from show executives that his family were okay, Beau still didn’t feel right about being away from them. He asked producers for a call with his wife and children, which they refused.

He admitted that concern for his family was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“I got this thought in my head about leaving and I couldn’t shake it. It just got darker and darker and darker.”

“I went up to in the toilet and I sat there for about an hour.”

He revealed the toilet was the only place he could go without being followed by cameras.

“It makes you really anxious,” he said of the constant surveillance. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

“Jail is easier. The food’s better,” he joked.

Beau was reunited with his family shortly after leaving and has been watching the show back with his kids.

Beau Ryan Reveals He Tried to Sneak a Phone Into the Jungle

When they enter the jungle, the celebs typically can take a few ‘luxury’ items. Some take framed pictures of their family, books, or other sentimental items.

The 2022 I’m a Celeb cast had half a day of headshots before the show commenced. On the shoot, Brooke McClymont mentioned that her chosen item was a guitar and Beau confessed to his campmate that he had a phone to take in.

Beau Ryan told Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O he tried to sneak a phone into the I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out here jungle in Brooke McClymont's guitar
Beau snuck a secret phone into the jungle inside Brooke McClymont’s guitar. Source: Network Ten

“So I put the phone inside her guitar. On day three when her guitar and all our luxury items came in she went to the toilet and she slipped the phone underneath to me,” he said.

A secret phone? SCANDAL!

However, there was no service… and he had nowhere to charge the phone.

Beau asked a producer to charge the phone, “and I never saw him or the phone again.”

Does Beau Ryan Regret His I’m a Celeb Stint?

When asked if he was glad he did the show Beau admitted that he “made some really good friends,” but he wouldn’t go back and do it again.

“To be honest with you mate,” he told Kyle “if you’ve got food in there, I’d still be in there – if you had enough food.”

So, endless bugs aside, it seems as though Beau was just rather Hangry… got it!

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