Netflix is notorious for dating show gimmicks and while the streaming juggernaut’s latest reality TV series Dated and Related may not be as dodgy as the name initially implies it is still weird AF.

In a tried and true format, “hot singles” are invited to a luxurious villa (this time in the South of France), hoping to find love.

But Netflix always has a catch! This time, all of the “hot singles” have also brought their equally hot and single siblings along with them. That’s gonna make partner-swapping extra AWKS!

In the first official trailer, one female contestant has to ask her brother, “how do you feel about me and him [her love interest] maybe sharing a bed?”, to which her bro replies, “it’s gonna be weird”. Yeah, you can say that again!

They even have to go on double dates together and OMFG, the cringe is so real.

Depending on the sibling dynamic, the duos could watch out for each other, be supportive and point out red flags… or they could laugh in your face every time you try to flirt with your crush.

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The trailer did actually show siblings trying to look out for one another, however, with one brother saying: “Most of the time she falls into the bad boy trap… I want to make sure she’s doing the right thing to find love.”

Okay fine, that’s pretty cute.

On Netflix’s reality casting page, they ask future applicants: “Who knows you better than your sibling?! NO ONE, that’s who!

dating and related
Pictured: Two contestants who are almost definitely not related. We hope. Source: Netflix.

“We’re looking for pairs of siblings who are willing to help each other navigate the tricky world of dating. Will this be awkward as hell? Probably!”

Unfortunately, we Aussies will just have to sit back and watch this one (if you’re not totally freaked out by the concept yet) as only UK, US, Canada and Ireland residents can actually apply for the show.

Dated and Related is set to premiere in early September on Netflix. Watch if you dare!

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