Hunted Australia fans were thrilled to see Rob Harneiss win a share of the $100,000 prize, after he was underestimated and “fat-shamed” by the hunters during the inaugural season.

Rob and Stathi Vamvoulidis both outlasted the hunters during the finale on August 2, with both men telling the Sydney Morning Herald that they planned to use their well-deserved prize money to start families.

hunted australia winners rob stathi
Stathi Vamvoulidis and Rob Harneiss both outlasted the hunters during the Hunted Australia finale on August 2. Source: Ten.

Stathi — who proudly represented the LGBTQI+ community on the show with his friend Matt Bergin — plans to start a family through surrogacy, while co-winner Rob and his wife, Prue, will pursue IVF.

During the finale, Rob explained why the hunters shouldn’t have underestimated him.

“I spent months before going on the run planning to get to this point. I can’t mess up,” he said.

rob hunted australia
Rob said the hunters shouldn’t have underestimated him during the series. Source: Ten.

Hunted Australia Fans Slam the Hunters for “Fat Shaming” Winner Rob Harneiss

Fans were shocked at how prejudiced the hunters were towards Rob because of his weight, as they openly “fat-shamed” him by joking that they were “shocked” he was able to outrun them.

“I can’t see Robert getting over any of these fences that well,” said Hunted Australia chief David Craig in the finale, causing half of Australia to throw a collective middle finger at the screen.

Hunted Australia fans took to Twitter to hit back at the Hunted HQ team for their lack of faith, and their “disgusting” commentary about Rob’s appearance.

Meanwhile, Rob’s Hunted Australia partner, Jacob Rozario, perfectly explained why his friend took out the win.

Jake explained that Rob had the gift of the gab and was “creative” (did you see those amazing disguises?), so he had every chance of winning. Obvs, he was right!

rob winner hunted australia jake
Jake praised Rob for being “creative” (look at those disguises!), and said he had every chance of winning. Source: Ten.

Both winners planned to share their wins with their partners on the show, Mark and Jake.

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