It’s not unusual for reality stars to undergo cosmetic surgery after the cameras stop rolling, and now, Sydney’s leading surgeon Dr Michael Zacharia has lifted the lid on his celebrity clients and their procedures.

Having been in the industry for over 25 years, Dr Zacharia specialises in Facial Plastic Surgery and has completed over 4,000 rhinoplasties throughout his career. He’s also an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist.

dr zacharia
Dr Zacharia has lifted the lid on his celebrity clients and their surgeries. Source: Instagram @drzacharia.

While there’s a litany of reasons people decide to undergo plastic surgery — as well as a bunch of reasons why people condemn it — Dr Zacharia can’t deny that his procedures “change people’s lives”.

“I find that some small changes to facial features… It does change people’s confidence,” he said in episode 205 of the So Dramatic! podcast. “It changes people’s lives… They get married, and they get engaged. They do all sorts of things so it’s wonderful to see that outcome from surgery.”

It’s Dr Zacharia’s unique ability to make his patients feel like brand new people that continues to attract his reality star clientele.

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Over the years, Dr Zacharia has operated on Married at First Sight stars, Big Brother contestants and Bachelor Australia villains.

So, who has gone under the renowned surgeon’s knife?

Skye Wheatley

Big Brother‘s Skye Wheatley came to Dr Zacharia for a “revision” on a previous rhinoplasty (AKA, a nose job).

“She had already had a rhinoplasty and she needed a revision done,” he told host Megan Pustetto. “I did that to her and she looks fantastic.”

skye wheatley nose job
Dr Zacharia revealed that Skye visited him for a “revision” on a previous nose job. Source: Instagram @drzacharia.

The renowned surgeon revealed there were “some ups and downs” during the 28-year-old’s healing process. However, she’s now “obsessed” with the outcome.

“Everyone becomes obsessed with their noses after surgery because they’re looking at it all the time and you’ve got to wait for it to heal,” Dr Zacharia explained. “After revision surgery, it takes an even longer period of time [to heal].

“[Skye] was known to have the ups and downs of healing and stuff, but her nose… just settled into the most amazing shape. And, you know, with time, it’s just got even better.”

Keira Maguire

Everyone’s favourite Bachelor villain Keira Maguire also went under Dr Zacharia’s knife for a rhinoplasty,

However, while the surgery did serve cosmetic purposes, the 2016 Bachette had breathing difficulties that needed to be rectified.

“She’s beautiful and you wouldn’t even think that she needs something done,” the doc said. “Keira [didn’t have] a bad nose, but it was a little bit crooked and she had some breathing problems.”

As such, Dr Zacharia “straightened her nose and gave her a nice little tweak”.

“She looked fantastic.”

Keira previously told Now to Love that her surgery was a part of a $22,000 transformation, that also included smaller procedures like vampire facials to help heal scarring, lip fillers, Botox to prevent wrinkles, and cosmetic tattooing on her eyebrows.

Megan Marx

Dr Zacharia also revealed that Keira’s co-star, Megan Marx, had a revision rhinoplasty, as well as a lip flip “at the same time”.

“She had a great result,” he said.

Hayley Vernon

Married at First Sight 2020 bride Hayley Vernon is just one of many participants in the marriage experiment to seek help from Dr Zacharia.

According to the surgeon, Hayley “said that she just felt masculine” prior to her cosmetic procedures.

As well as rhinoplasty, Dr Zacharia did a “fat transfer” to her cheeks to “give her some high cheekbones”.

“Having high cheekbones is very, very feminine,” he told Megan, adding that he also did work on Hayley’s lower eyelids to remove the illusion of “bags”.

He then went on to explain that can be achieved in multiple ways.

“Sometimes you inject fat, otherwise you remove the fat or reposition the fat from an incision on the inside of the eyelids,” he explained. “So, you make a little incision, go down to where the fat is and either remove some of it or reposition it.”

Tamara Joy

Dr Zacharia also revealed that 2019 intruder bride Tamara Joy also underwent a rhinoplasty.

“She had an amazing transformation with her rhinoplasty,” he exclaimed.

Coco Stedman

Dr Zacharia also gave Coco Stedman (from the 2021 season) a lip flip.

“The lip lift makes such a huge difference,” he explained. “It’s a fantastic operation and it can be done under local anesthetic in the room.”

He then went on to explain that this is the approach taken for Coco’s surgery.

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