She’s always been particularly stunning, but now Married at First Sight 2021s Coco Stedman has added a brand-new pout to her look.

Taking to her Instagram stories on Wednesday, Coco revealed that she chose to have some elective surgery — which is apparently allowed during locky-d — deciding to elevate her already gorgeous smile with a lip lift.

“I had to get surgery inside my mouth for something else so whilst I was under I was like, let’s do this,” she wrote.

Of course, being elective surgery during a global pandemic, her followers were quick to point out that she should be staying home, however, the 30-year-old stated that you are allowed to have surgery and that many women are using the time to get it in secret.

“There are that many girls who have gotten nose jobs, boob jobs, and BBLs [Brazilian Butt Lifts] in lockyD – y’all ain’t ready for what’s going to emerge this summer,” she joked.

During the Q&A, she also admitted that the pain was equal to getting sliced with a hot knife.

In one of her final Instagram story posts on the matter, Coco shared a message noting that she chose to share her decision to get a lip lift because she hates people who have surgeries “done and then lie”.

“The whole ‘Nooo I didn’t get anything done I just drink lemon water’,” she wrote, mocking those she is trying to set herself apart from before she revealed that she thinks the argument of “don’t preach about self love and then [get] plastic surgery” is “null and void”.

“You can one thousand percent still love yourself and still want filler/to change certain things about your appearance,” Coco told her 99.3 thousand Instagram followers. Go on, girl, preach that self-love!

The MAFS starlet shot to fame, and notoriety, after appearing on the faux-marriage series in January 2021 when she engaged in a fling with groom Cameron Dunne after things didn’t work out with their respective partners Sam Carrro and Samantha Harvey.

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