Big Brother Australia‘s Skye Wheatley has called out Married at First Sight Australia‘s Cyrell Paule for making “false” accusations about their altercation at an influencer event.

During a star-studded event at the Gold Coast’s Palazzo Versace hotel on Tuesday, the reality stars locked horns after Skye asked Cyrell about rumours her relationship with Love Island‘s Eden Dally was fake.

Another diner took a video of the incident, which Cyrell shared to Instagram alongside a lengthy statement following the event.

Now, Skye has told So Dramatic! that the incident was “freaky”.

“I didn’t even know if [Cyrell] was joking because the girl next to her was filming it,” she said. “I was like, ‘Is this a setup?’ It just seems like they had planned it, it was actually freaky.”

She also confirmed that she never asked “if [Cyrell and Eden’s] relationship was fake”.

“I was asking who was accusing them of having a relationship for clout,” Skye said. “I said, ‘I saw an article and someone said you guys had a fake relationship for clout’. And I was going to ask her who was accusing her of that… and say ‘LOL, jokes on them because you guys are so happy’.”

She continued: “I didn’t really think that reaction was going to come out of me asking a question.

“The reason why I was smiling and looking around the table was because I was looking for someone to say something or jump in and be like, ‘Hey, let’s calm it down’.”

Skye Wheatley Claims She Was “Scared” During the Altercation

The 28-year-old also claimed that she was “scared” when Cyrell got up to leave the table following the confrontation.

“She actually got up to walk out from the dining area and she walked over to me and I thought she was gonna hit me,” she recalled.

Skye also claimed she “had no idea” the question “was a trigger” for Cyrell, before saying that the MAFS‘ bride’s implication that she was racist toward Cyrell “is actually false”.

“That behaviour is just not really acceptable and I wasn’t brought up like that. So I didn’t really know how to handle it.”

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Skye Wheatley Addresses Altercation In Since-Deleted Videos

Following Cyrell calling her out on the ‘gram, Skye took to her own Story on Wednesday to address the incident in now-deleted clips.

The mother-of-two doubled-down on the fact she was trying to ask a simple question of a fellow reality star.

“There was no malicious intent involved,” she told her followers, adding that she didn’t appreciate being called a “bully”.

“I’m like a puppy,” she continued before claiming that Cyrell was threatening her, not vice versa.

Noting that her question had “triggered” her fellow diner, Skye couldn’t come to grips with Cyrell’s response.

“I’m so open and honest as I put my life on here so if anyone asked something about [partner Lachlan Waugh] and I, I’d just answer it,” she said.

She then joked that she should “just take out [her] voice box” to avoid a similar altercation in the future.

What Happened Between Skye Wheatley and Cyrell Paule In the Video?

In the video — which is available to watch on the So Dramatic! podcast’s Instagram page — Skye probed Cyrell about her relationship with Eden.

The couple, who began dating in 2019, share a son, Boston.

After learning that they met at Cyrell’s co-star Jules Robinson‘s birthday, Skye said she “saw an article that said [the couple] had a fake relationship”.

She continued: “But like, if you know the truth babe, who cares! I was just going to ask you about it because I wanted to know who said that.”

The MAFS star, known as Cyclone Cyrell during her stint on the show, went on to blast her fellow guest for her “inappropriate” questions.

“Do I sit there and say, ‘Are your lips real?’ No, that’s an inappropriate question. I don’t ask that,” the mother-of-one said. “Don’t be a smart a** b*tch. I will put you in your place.

“Eat your food or I’ll shove your face in it. Shut up.”

Cyrell then took to Instagram to brand Skye as a “fake b*tch” and a “bully”.

“Tonight… I experienced nothing but female b*tching and bullying from [Skye], questioning whether or not my relationship of three years WAS to this day genuine!” she penned. “Is it so impossible… for [Eden] to be with me…”

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