Cyrell Paule has reignited her feud with Michael Brunelli, calling out her Married at First Sight Australia season six co-star following his public criticism of this season’s “mean girl”, Olivia Frazer.

On Sunday, Michael took a jab at Olivia via his Instagram Stories after she admitted to having “no empathy” during the final Commitment Ceremony of the latest MAFS season.

Referencing Olivia’s studies to become a high school teacher, the 28-year-old wrote: “Me, a former teacher, trying to figure out how someone who doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to feel empathy wants to become a teacher”.

Michael Brunelli Instagram
Michael called out MAFS 2022‘s Olivia via his Instagram Stories. Source: Instagram @mbrunelli.

A day later, Cyrell clapped back with her own Instagram rant.

The former MAFS bride captioned a screenshot of Michael’s post: “Says the guy who also showed absolutely no emotional intelligence to feel empathy when his partner and himself were aware that people were being cheated on”.

“Wouldn’t be such a hypocrite there Ex-teacher,” she continued, adding, “Before you point your finger. Make sure your hand is clean.” Yikes!

Cyrell clarified that she was “in no way defending what Olivia has done.”

Her point was that she “hates hypocrites” and given that Michael was also a teacher, he and Olivia should both “know what BULLYING is”.

“Olivia does not make us friends,” she concluded.

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Michael and Martha Had Called Olivia Out On Instagram Before

Michael and his fiancé Martha Kalifatidis, who he met on MAFS, had previously made their disapproval of Olivia’s behaviour clear.

Following last week’s on-screen revelation that Olivia had found Domenica Calarco‘s OnlyFans and distributed nude images of her throughout the group, Martha posted a Story of her making a drink while joking that the episode was stressing her out.

“This drink is so good, the chilli is everything,” she said. “But Olivia is ruining the f*cking effects because I’m not calm watching this”.

Where Does Michael and Cyrell’s Feud Stem From?

Michael and Cyrell have had a tense relationship ever since their joint stints on Married at First Sight in 2019.

During their time in the experiment, Michael’s partner Martha clashed regularly with self-dubbed “Cyclone Cyrell”.

In one infamous incident, Martha even poured a glass of wine over her nemesis’ head.

On MAFS in 2019 Martha poured wine over Cyrell’s head. Source: Nine.

What is with MAFS blow-ups always involving wine? Stop wasting the bevs!

Come January 2022 and Cyrell still hadn’t put her beef with Martha to bed.

In an Instagram Q&A, a fan asked the MAFS alum how she felt about her former co-star, to which Cyrell replied with a picture of a bulldog, captioning it: “I don’t think about her enough to have an opinion of her.”

MAFS 2019 Cyrell Paule Instagram
Cyrell has taken jabs at Martha on Instagram in the past. Source: Instagram @cyrelljimenezpaule

Yikes! We have a feeling that this may not be the last of their reinstated beef! More to come, we’re sure…

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