Married at First Sight Australia‘s Hayley Vernon has dubbed a mass OnlyFans leak as “free advertising” after several brides’ content was illegally shared in an online adults-only directory.

A forum group on Reddit dedicated to sourcing and sharing intimate content of reality stars has featured 14 brides to date, according to Yahoo! Lifestyle.

While several contestants acted swiftly in getting the group removed, 2020 contestant Hayley said the illegal distribution of her content isn’t of her concern.

“At the end of the day this won’t be the last time it happens, [sic]” she penned on So Dramatic!‘s post about the incident.

“At the start I used to care [when her content was leaked], but I kind of see it as free advertising now [sic].”

According to the 34-year-old, the Reddit group, if anything, will boost business on her page.

“…those 11,000 people [in the group] saw a little and now they most likely will want to see a lot more [sic]” she concluded.

hayley vernon onlyfans leak comment
Hayley said the leak could entice people to pay for her OnlyFans content. Source: Instagram.

Who Else from Married at First Sight Was Targeted By the OnlyFans Leak?

Contestants that have been featured in the group include season five’s Ashley Irvin, season six’s Susie Bradley, Jessika Power, Tamara Joy and Ines Basic, as well as season seven brides Vanessa Romito, Stacey Hampton, Mishel Karen, Amanda Micallef.

Booka Nile, Alana Lister and Jaimie Gardner from season eight, plus season nine’s Olivia Frazer, were also targeted.

It is believed that most of the stolen content came from contestants’ OnlyFans pages which are bound by a paywall.

However, it is understood that some images appear to have been privately leaked, indicating a possible hack into personal messages or an act of revenge porn.

The Subreddit Has Since Been Shut Down After Several Complaints from Married at First Sight Brides

Reddit has since confirmed that the subreddit, which had over 11,000 members, has been removed after several users reported it.

In Australia, it is a criminal offence to share intimate imagery of a person without their consent. It is also a violation of OnlyFans’ terms and conditions to distribute users’ personal content that is behind a paywall.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, reality star-turned-OnlyFans aficionado Jessika’s management “acted fast” in removing her content from the group.

jessika power leaked nudes married at first sight
Jessika’s management was reportedly instrumental in getting the Reddit page shut down. Source: Instagram @jessika_power.

The OnlyFans creators stand to lose thousands of dollars in revenue on the site as fans are less likely to subscribe when content is readily (albeit illegally) available in an online directory.

The 29-year-old reportedly stashed $200,000 in her biggest month on the site, a figure that 2022 bride Olivia allegedly beat in her first month.

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