Married at First Sight Australia 2021‘s Bryce Ruthven is suing the Australian Radio Network for $333,000 after they revoked a job offer he’d already accepted.

As previously reported by So Dramatic!, the controversial groom accepted a job with Launceston’s Chilli FM in May.

However, the offer was rescinded after Bryce’s predecessor approached the “big regional boss of ARN”, making it clear that Bryce was “not to be hired”.

Married at First Sight‘s Bryce Ruthven is suing Australian Radio Network for $333,300 after they revoked a job he already accepted. Source: Nine.

The father of two vehemently denied the claims at the time.

Now, Bryce believes he’s entitled to a settlement from the radio station after confirming that his employment was made null and void.

Married at First Sight‘s Bryce Ruthven Is “Willing to Settle” With ARN Over His Claims

According to the Herald Sun, Bryce’s lawyers sent a “letter of demand” to ARN in June claiming a breach of contract. This detailed the reality star’s loss of earnings, damage to reputation and emotional stress.

Bryce and his TV wife-turned-IRL fiancée, Melissa Rawson, had reportedly already set in motion their relocation to Launceston when the offer was revoked.

“Our Client has suffered loss amounting to an estimated sum of $333,300.00 being the total of $77,000.00, as the annual salary that was promised by ARN as part of the offer,” the letter reportedly read.

It continued: “$53,000.00, as eight months’ salary which our client’s partner is now going without, due to requesting unpaid leave from her (employer) until 16 January 2023 to relocate to Launceston; $200,000.00, as the estimated loss for the damage to our client’s reputation and likely inability to gain employment in the radio industry in the future due to the conduct of ARN/Chilli FM and the nature of the radio industry; and $3300.00 for legal fees.”

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However, according to Bryce’s legal representatives, the TV groom is “willing to accept” $200,000 to settle the matter, instead of suing for the full amount.

Bryce told the Herald Sun that he “wasn’t in a good place for a few weeks” after the offer was revoked.

Meanwhile, DSA Law Partner Joseph Alesci said Bryce was “ready, willing and able to perform the contract and he has been prevented from doing so”.

“For some reason there has been a change of heart. Anyone can change their mind but there are consequences for doing that.”

ARN confirmed in a statement to the publication that they have received the letter of demand. As such, they are “unable to comment further” given it is a legal matter.

Bryce’s fiery feud with his Married at First Sight 2021 co-star Sam Carraro continues as Slim Shady took to Instagram to cast his opinion on the legal proceedings.

While it isn’t as brutal as facing off at a boxing event, the 33-year-old called Bryce “poison”.

“When is this absolute dead sh*t of a human, gonna except that he is the problem not everybody else. [sic],” he wrote alongside a screenshot of an article about Bryce’s case.

“They f*cked you off because your a drop kick. Your poison where eva you go! [sic].”

Married at First Sight‘s Bryce Ruthven Approached Another Radio Station After His Chilli FM Sacking

As reported in episode 191 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Bryce was offered a radio gig in Newcastle before accepting the Chilli FM job.

However, the ex-reality star gave the gig up “before he started” after the Launceston job came knocking.

One source told So Dramatic! that Bryce Ruthven was offered a second radio job at the time. Source: Nine.

So, when ARN let him go, the TV groom retreated to the NEWFM team with his tail between his legs.

“He went back to NEWFM and hit up the bosses to take the original offer up,” So Dramatic!‘s source dished. “They turned around and said, ‘You already turned us down for another gig… You’re obviously not committed to coming here so we don’t want you now. The offer is now off the table’.

“They also told him to stop applying for roles because he will never work for the company again.”

The insider also revealed that “they have also blacklisted him now”.

TV presenter (and former flame of Abbie ChatfieldDanny Clayton is now slated to take on the role at NEWFM.

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