We already know that Married at First Sight Australia 2021 groom Bryce Ruthven missed out on a breakfast radio gig at NEWFM, but now we have even more intel — management has given the job to a TV personality!

As reported in episode 192 of the So Dramatic! podcast, TV presenter (and former flame of Abbie Chatfield) Danny Clayton will take on the top job and with a significantly higher wage increase!

“Danny has been offered a lot for the role,” a source told So Dramatic!. “Enough to make him want to consider moving from Bondi to Newcastle and they are paying his rent, moving expenses and a few other living expenses too.”

While Danny has not signed on the dotted line just yet, it’s pretty much a done deal!

ICYMI: Bryce worked in radio in Canberra under the Australian Radio Network (ARN), prior to his stint on MAFS. The 32-year-old found himself in a bit of strife when he got the sack before the show aired, due to complaints of bullying.

However, as reported in episode 191 of the So Dramatic! podcast, he had been dumped from not one, but TWO jobs before officially starting in the roles.

He later found himself in a similar position when working for ARN in Bundaberg following a number of HR issues.

Married at First Sight‘s Bryce Ruthven was reportedly scrapped from two recent radio jobs. Source: Nine.

Bryce Applied for Two Radio Gigs But Was Turned Down By Both

As reported in episode 191 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Bryce had lost out again on the great radio dream.

One source told So Dramatic! that the dad of two recently applied for two radio gigs — one in Launceston and one in Newcastle.

According to the source, Bryce got the Newcastle gig at NEWFM after the station had been “desperately trying to get someone for the position for months”.

“They were… asking around everywhere for people to apply,” they said, adding that “the pay is super sh*t”.

One source told So Dramatic! that the dad of two recently applied for two radio gigs — one in Launceston and one in Newcastle. Source: Nine.

The source continued: “Bryce took the offer because I guess he just desperately wants to get back into radio.”

However, the ex-reality star gave the gig up “before he started” after the Launceston job came knocking.

According to the insider, this job was under ARN with one of its subsidiaries, Grant Broadcasters. They also revealed that the salary for this gig was “also super sh*t” — but it was around $10k more than the NEWFM gig, nonetheless.

Married at First Sight‘s Bryce Ruthven Got the Boot from His Launceston Gig

Before officially announcing his new gig, Bryce had teased the new role in a number of Instagram Live videos, as well as on-air with FOX FM’s Fifi, Fev & Nick.

While Bryce told the radio hosts at the time that he “can’t say” just yet what the new role entailed, he promised he wouldn’t be in competition with them, but working for a “competitive network”.

bryce ruthven mafs radio
Bryce teased during recent radio interviews that he was about to step into a new radio role. Source: Instagram @bryceruthven.

However, our source revealed that Bryce “got ahead of himself” anyway, before officially starting in the role.

“He started emailing sporting organisations in the area being like, ‘Hey, I am moving to Launceston if you want me to MC your event’.”

A number of venues that Bryce got in touch with then contacted the person who was departing the Launceston role, confused about the station’s restructure and why the reality star was contacting them.

The Launceston disc jockey then reportedly contacted the “big regional boss of ARN” asking “why has Bryce been hired?”. According to the insider, he had previously made it clear that Bryce was “not to be hired”.

As a result, Bryce’s contract was cancelled “then and there”.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Bryce Was Turned Down By NEWFM

After his sacking, Bryce retreated to the NEWFM team with his tail between his legs.

“He went back to NEWFM and hit up the bosses to take the original offer up,” So Dramatic!‘s source dished.

However, they weren’t having it.

“They turned around and said, ‘You already turned us down for another gig, so you’re obviously not committed to coming here so we don’t want you now. The offer is now off the table’.

“They also told him to stop applying for roles because he will never work for the company again.”

The insider also revealed that “they have also blacklisted him now”.

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