Desperate times called for desperate measures on Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022, with certain cast members getting “absolutely hammered” before heading into the boardroom.

There’s no denying that Lord Alan Sugar can be scary AF sometimes. So, it’s no wonder the celebs needed a little liquid courage before facing him.

In a tell-all chat with So Dramatic!‘s Megan Pustetto, fan favourite Carla From Bankstown confessed she was often totally sauced heading into the boardroom.

carla from bankstown boardroom drunk
Carla From Bankstown confessed she loaded up on alcoholic beverages before filming Celebrity Apprentice‘s boardroom scenes. Source: Nine.

“A lot of times in the Winner’s Room, I was absolutely tanked,” the drag queen admitted. “It was so funny to watch back.”

Recalling filming the finale — in which she, Vince Colosimo and Woody Whitelaw returned to help the finalists in their last challenge — Carla said the trio indulged in a few too many drinks before facing the boardroom.

“I remember we didn’t end up filming that part until like really, really late at night,” she remembered. “It was me… Woody and Vince and we were just hanging out. We were literally just having drinks.

“By the time we started filming the boardroom part, I was absolutely hammered. I was just like, ‘Wooo, who’s gonna win? I’m so excited!'”

boardroom celebrity apprentice
Carla revealed how long the boardroom scenes ACTUALLY take to film. Source: Nine.

What’s more, it that the boardroom scenes sometimes took up to three hours to film!

“We usually started filming the boardroom stuff about 4:30 [PM]… and we’d usually finish about 7:30-8 [PM],” Carla dished.

Lord Sugar Would Prepare His Own Jokes On the Set of Celebrity Apprentice

According to Carla, Lord Sugar wasn’t as serious off-camera as he was on-camera.

“He was cracking jokes,” she revealed, however, they may not have been as off-the-cuff as the other Celebrity Apprentice stars’.

In fact, Carla — whose real name is Benjahmin James — is convinced he wrote his one-liners before showing up to set!

lord alan sugar
According to Carla, Lord Alan Sugar would prepare his jokes before filming. Source: Nine.

“He had his little book… I feel like he had one-liners written down that he was trying to work into the conversation,” she said.

Admitting that there were “a couple of times” when his jokes fell flat, Carla said Lord Sugar would then “use it for something else”.

“You could tell that he was looking at this paper being like, ‘Okay, how can I work this joke into this conversation write now?'” LOL! Bless!

The Celebrity Apprentice Cast Had an Early AF Call Time for Makeup

Recalling the campsite challenge, Carla said her makeup artist started dolling her up at 4:30 AM to have her ready for filming.

“It was bad. I [was] like asleep on the chair while he’s doing my makeup,” she admitted.

“We had to be out of there by like seven o’clock to get to the pickup spot where everyone was waiting and then head to his camping thing.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

The beloved star added that she was “in makeup for 14 hours that day” and damn, no thanks!

“I was so ready to take it off [and] I kept saying, ‘Can I take my makeup off yet? I need to take it off, please’.”

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