Big Brother Australia’s Anthony “Drew” Drew went on a vengeful tirade after his ex-girlfriend Tully Smyth was evicted, thanks to newbie Taras Hrubyj-Piper’s lies and deception.

While Twitter fans were less than impressed with Taras‘ antics, they weren’t shy to point out that Drew getting angry about a housemate lying was a touch on the hypocritical side.

Across the June 21 and 22 episodes of Big Brother, Drew was fuming about Taras choosing to squeeze Tully out in evictions on June 20. His fury was only spurred on more as Taras had fibbed yet again, this time promising Drew he wouldn’t nominate him.

drew big brother eviction taras tim lier hypocritical
Twitter fans quickly point out that Drew getting angry about Taras lying to him was a touch on the hypocritical side. Source: Seven

“Taras has lied to me on a number of occasions. Literally [Taras says], ‘I’m not coming for you,’ and then puts a vote on me. He is a liar and his word means nothing,” he told Big Brother.

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But Twitter was quick to point out that Drew – who lied numerous times to his onscreen girlfriend Sam Manovski and the OG alliance – was being hypocritical.

Meanwhile, other fans who were caught up in their own “Justice for Tully” rage, started rooting for Drew for the first time in the hopes Taras would be eliminated.

Big Brother Australia’s Drew Was Labelled “Naive” After Believing Newbie Aleisha’s Word Over His Long-Time Friend Tim

During his post-nomination scramble, Drew approached newbie Aleisha Campbell about keeping him safe.

“You know I’ve got your back,” Aleisha told Drew, while secretly orchestrating a blindside to get him voted out.

Drew took Aleisha for her word, but his bestie Tim Dormer saw through her charade and tried to warn him – to no avail.

Twitter quickly dubbed Drew as “naive” for believing Aleisha and suggested Tim could always see a few steps ahead in the game.

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