Big Brother Australia 2013‘s Tully Smyth has returned to our TV screens for the franchise’s 2022 fans versus favourites iteration.

Given that she has a reputation for stirring up trouble, the reality-turned-Instagram star will definitely be one to keep an eye on this season.

Tully Smyth is returning for Big Brother: Back to the Future. Source: Instagram @tee_smyth

Tully first appeared in the Big Brother house in season 10 and garnered attention for her scandalous fling with fellow contestant Anthony Drew (most known as Drew).

Tully hooked up with her housemate despite having a girlfriend, Tahlia Farrant, of two years at home.

All of Australia got pretty pissed about this and as a result, she was booted from the show in week eight.

tully drew big brother
Tully hooked up with Anthony Drew despite having a girlfriend and home during Big Brother 2013. Source: Seven.

She later re-entered the house as part of a challenge, kissed Drew, and then disappeared again — something that defs wouldn’t hold up in today’s climate.

What Has Tully Smyth Been Up to Since Big Brother?

Since leaving Big Brother almost 10 years ago, Tully has made a name for herself on social media.

While many contestants’ 15 minutes of fame die out pretty fast, the 34-year-old has maintained relevancy and her return to the franchise for Big Brother Australia 2022 is hotly anticipated.

In addition to her Instagram career, Tully hosts her own podcast called Too Much Tully.

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What Can We Expect From Tully Smyth On Big Brother: Back to the Future?

Given that it has been almost 10 years since their Big Brother fling, surely Tully and Drew can keep their hands to themselves as they return for the upcoming season, right?

Welp, one insider has dished to So Dramatic! that it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing when the former flames reunited in the house.

Revealing that Drew enters the house before Tully, the source said he “hooks up” with “one of the new random contestants”.

“Then they released Tully into the house a week later as a late edition,” they spilled. “Tully walks in and Drew has already found himself a girlfriend in week one.”

This love triangle reportedly evolves into Tully exhibiting serious “pathetic high school bully” behaviour.

Oh, and as history repeated itself, Tully was already dating her current boyfriend, Daniel Parisi, when filming the new series.


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