After dismal ratings plagued The Bachelor Australia in 2021, the franchise sure needs some real star power to rake entice viewers back this year. But who could fill the Bachie boots for The Bachelor 2022?

Despite casting producers advertising for leads in March, So Dramatic! was told by a well-placed source that producers were “having trouble” finding a suitable suitor.

This was despite names such as The Bachelorette‘s Todd King and Adam Todd being thrown around, as well as the Inspired Unemployed boys, Matt Ford and Jack Steele.

However, with filming set to begin on May 15, we know now that they’ve found their leading man — or men!

Yup, as revealed in episode 183 of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto dished that she heard along the grapevine that there may be more than one Bachelor fronting the 2022 season.

So, let’s investigate who could be this year’s leading man (or men) on The Bachelor 2022.

Alex Rance

OG So Dramatic! fans may remember that Alex Rance, retired Richmond Tigers AFL, had “signed on the dotted line” to be the Bachelor in 2020.

alex rance bachelor australia 2022
Ex-Richmond Tigers player Alex Rance (L) is rumoured to be this year’s 2022 Bachelor. Source: Instagram @alexrance.

As reported in episode 11 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the girls cast for that season had been told by producers that the 32-year-old was their Bachelor. Welp, we bet it came as shock when they came face to face with Locky Gilbert on the red carpet.

However, while the former Survivor star was the eventual lead, producers had called Jett Kenny up to the plate before he found a girlfriend during his stint on Dancing With the Stars.

It was all very messy, and it is all very relevant because now, because word on the street is that Alex is now the top pick for 2022.

One source who knows the owner of the all-new Bachelor mansion told So Dramatic! that the divorced footballer was spotted on set.

“Alex was checking out the new Bachelor mansion today,” the insider dished. “99 per cent sure he is the Bachelor.”

“There’s no other reason he’d be walking around the mansion with producers.” No other reason indeed!

Tony Armstrong

Another name that has been in the pipeline for a while is none other than everyone’s favourite moustache, Tony Armstrong.

The former AFL star-turned-ABC News Breakfast presenter first became a hot pick after entertainment writer Richard Reid threw his name in the ring among potential Bachelors.

tony armstrong bachelor australia 2022
Tony Armstrong has long been a suggestion for The Bachelor 2022. Source: ABC.

One insider dished to SD! that the ABC and Channel 10 star has been working with the 32-year-old for the incoming season.

“I work with someone who is paparazzi, and he has confirmed a stylist from Channel 10 has been working with Tony for the upcoming series of The Bachelor“. Excuse moi?

They added: “If I knew it was him I would have applied myself.” And same, girl, same.

Further adding fuel to the fire, Tony announced in early May that he would be “stepping away from the [ABC news breakfast] couch for a few weeks” to work on an unspecified project.

Verrrrry suspicious timing given that filming is scheduled to begin in May, also.

The ABC also has a long history of sharing talent with Network Ten, with Tony, Todd Sampson and Waleed Aly all appearing on programs across both networks.

However, recent statements from the ex-footy player have us scratching our heads.

He told the Herald Sun one day after his departure from the ABC that talk of him being the Bachelor was “the dumbest [rumour] doing the rounds”.

“It’s just not true… I can’t imagine having to go through what they go through on The Bachelor in front of Australia,” he said. “That is my idea of a living nightmare.”

Can someone tell us what the f*ck is going on???????

A Semi Known Personality Is Also Rumoured to Be the Bachelor

Recently another insider told So Dramatic! that the Bachelor could very well be a semi-known 25-year-old fella.

“He is known, but not that known,” they said, which literally does not help us one bit.

Apparently, he’s not a “massive celeb like Chris Brown, but it’s not Gary who works at the gym from Woolongong”. LOL!

“Some people may know him [but] it’s not Tony Armstrong.” Sad reacts only.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

A Random Man Was Being Questioned By Producers In Far North Queensland

As if this couldn’t get any more confusing, another person slid into our DMs with intel about ANOTHER potential Bachelor.

According to the source, they were holidaying in Far North Queensland when they came across a camera crew and a mystery man.

They explained that they overheard a producer ask “what does being the next Bachelor mean to you”. Sounds promising!

However, they did provide a snap of the fella so we can all see for ourselves.

bachelor 2022 australia
An unknown man was spotted being questioned by The Bachelor producers. Source: Supplied.

If anyone knows this man, pls slide into our DMs and spill all the tea!

Two Potential Bachelors Pulled Out at the 11th Hour

One well-placed source told host Megan that their family member was in talks with producers for The Bachelor 2022.

He is not famous at all, just an ordinary, single dad from Melbourne. And TBH, some ordinary folk on this show could work wonders!

However, the potential star, who works as a police officer, pulled out at the last minute because he was made to choose between The Bachelor and his career.

Another person who turned down the role at the 11th hour is a guy by the name of Samuel Bennet.

Originally from New Zealand, Samuel now lives in Australia and is also friends with Married at First Sight NZ‘s Samuel Levi.

samuel bennett bachelor 2022 australia
Samuel Bennett was reportedly considered for The Bachelor 2022. Source: Supplied.

Apparently, Samuel B pulled out because he began seeing someone so he was no longer able to commit to the show.

Producers reportedly asked him in August 2021 to take on the role then asked him again early this year.

While he isn’t seeing the same woman he was originally dating when he was approached a second time, he was already seeing someone else!

Quel dommage!

When he was approached a second time, Samuel was already seeing someone else! Source: Supplied.

Three Reality Stars Were Dropped from the Series Last Minute

On top of Bachelor leads walking away from the show at the 11th hour, there were also people who had signed contracts before being cut from the series last minute.

Now, due to the non-disclosure agreements these fellas have signed, we can’t disclose who they are.

We can, however, reveal that we’re aware of not one, not two, but THREE, former reality stars from various shows who had been through the whole shebang before being dumped.

Producers reportedly told them all that they were “going in a different direction” and would no longer be needed for the show. Ouch!

Now, considering filming begins this month, hopefully, we only have to wait a little while longer for confirmation as to who the 2022 Bachelor — or Bachelors, plural — is.

But for now? We’re confused AF.

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