Girls, gays and theys, it’s time to limber up on Wii Sports and finesse your Mario Kart drift because we’ve found SAS Australia recruit Jett Kennys gamer boi Twitch account. We have an in!

While we might not know what TF the square button on a PlayStation remote does, we do know that Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for video gamers.

And it turns out, 27-year-old Jett has been hiding his page in plain sight — in his Instagram bio!

SAS Australia 2021 recruit Jett Kenny's Twitch account has been uncovered! Source: Instagram @jettkenny.
SAS Australia 2021 recruit Jett Kenny’s Twitch account has been uncovered! Source: Instagram @jettkenny.

The streaming hobby appears to be one he struck up during lockdown. In fact the athlete’s Twitch account subhead reads “Covid n chill”.

Despite the account appearing to be nuked of all videos, we did stumble across Jett’s gaming Instagram profile as well.

We Found His Alt. Instagram Account!

The page is home to several gameplay clips dating back to early July 2021, which was around the same time the athlete’s home of Queensland was forced into a snap lockdown as the result of a COVID-19 outbreak.

The account, dubbed “IntroJert”, is listed as a “local service” and yes, we would like some more info on what that entails because we might know of some things that need tending to…

@Introjert, Jett’s video game streaming Instagram account.

Jett Often References His Love of Gaming

In recent times, the former Ninja Warrior has alluded to his love of video games by referencing them in posts about his SAS experience.

In the season’s third episode the recruits were submerged underwater while strapped in an armoured vehicle and it was their mission to escape.

Eagle-eyed viewers pointed out that the handsome recruit appeared to teleport to safety during his attempt at the challenge and Jett poked fun at the editing fail with a reference to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

After Wednesday night’s episode, Jett also shared a photo to his official Instagram account of himself during a hostage rescue challenge.

“Foxy was a camper. Had claymores and everything,” he captioned the story.

Jett was referring to DS Jason “Foxy” Fox by a term used in combat video games to describe a player who chooses to lay low to gain a tactical advantage. Clever!

jett kenny sas australia instagram

So, if you’ve reached the end of your Netflix to-watch lists, may we suggest moseying on over to sexy gamer boi Jett’s Instagram page, if not for the Call of Duty gameplay, but for a glimpse of the Viking-esque recruit in his natural habitat.

P.S. Jett, if you’re reading this: We don’t mean to brag, but once we came sixth instead of eighth in a Mario Kart championship! So hit us up!

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