Fans have called out Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Cody Bromley for displaying racism during an Instagram Live with Jessika Power.

The pair appear to have struck up quite the friendship off the back of a Celebrity Slim promotional event on Monday. They were also joined by Jessika’s Big Brother VIP co-star Imogen Anthony and influencer Mitch Greer.

However, while the unlikely foursome raised a few eyebrows, it was their behaviour during their live broadcast that raked in criticism.

One follower commented on the Live: “Cody what’s for dinner? CHINESE.”

cody mafs comment chinese instagram live jessika power
One viewer left a racist inference in the comment section. Source: Supplied.

According to one viewer, the group found great amusement in the comment.

“It was vile,” another keen-eyed fan noted the reference to his TV bride, Selina Chhaur, who is of Chinese and Cambodian descent.

cody bromley jessika power instagram live racist
The trio reportedly “laughed” at a racist implication. Source: Instagram.

Someone else also claimed that the reality stars were “so rude to the housekeeping staff” at the hotel, too.

Cody Bromley Discusses Weird AF Poster from MAFS

No MAFS viewer will ever forget that grotty poster made by Cody’s housemate during Home Stay week.

The groom’s housemate had created a poster depicting Selina holding partially-cut a watermelon in front of her crotch… with Cody next to her eating a piece of watermelon.

During his Live video, Cody commented on whether the botched photoshop job was still in his possession.

“I’ve archived it,” he revealed. “I have all of my MAFS memorabilia… in a box.”

He also flashed his wedding ring from the show, revealing he still wore it. Weird…

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What Did Viewers Say About Cody’s Admission?

This isn’t the first time MAFS onlookers have clocked the 30-year-old’s insensitive comments, either.

During the 2022 season’s dreaded Honesty Box challenge, Selina asked him whether his “lack of interest, attraction and affection due to [her] nationality and look?”

Just when we thought Cody couldn’t muster up anything more tone-deaf than his “my schlong isn’t coordinating with my head” comment, he really started a sentence with: “I’m not racist, but…”

FYI: If you have to add “but” at the end of “I’m not racist”, it probably means you are.

Apparently, Cody’s decision to rank Samantha Moitzi higher than his wife wasn’t race-related. In fact, he claimed it had more to do with the fact that he’s “more familiar” with “blonde, surfy” women from his native Sydney’s northern beaches.

Now, he might be a swim coach, but he sure was backstroking fast…

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