Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Tamara Djordjevic has found herself in some strife recently, with several post-show controversies leading to her being banned from hospitality venues, losing her job and being reported to the police!

As revealed in episode 178 of the So Dramatic! podcast, these reports come only a week after So Dramatic! exclusively revealed that the 29-year-old had threatened to “bash” fellow brides.

She also left several of her co-stars – namely Ella Ding, Brent Vitiello and Domenica Calarco – abusive calls and voicemails.

MAFS reunion tamara Djordjevic
Tamara Djordjevic is facing serious repercussions after she left her costars abusive voicemails. Source: Nine.

Tamara Got Kicked Out of a Hospitality Venue

One So Dramatic! superspy reporters that MAFS‘ resident hospo hater was actually kicked out of a restaurant last weekend.

The source spilled that Tamara was at the Osbourne along with fellow “mean girls” Jessica Seracino, Carolina Santos and Kate Laidlaw.

“They were behaving so badly that they actually got kicked out of the restaurant,” the spy revealed. Yikes!

mafs australia 2022  tamara kate carolina jess
Tamara and her clique were reportedly kicked out of a restaurant. Source: Instagram @carolinaschimidt

Reportedly, Tamara and co were “yelling and screaming,” and “calling people up on speaker and yelling abuse and all laughing.”

“They were all drinking wine from the bottle and the waiter asked them numerous times to turn the volume down and drink from the glass. But, they just ignored her.”

At one point, Tamara even reenacted the infamous glass-smashing scene from MAFS.

“She was pretending to be [Domenica] and mimicking her. It was actually so mean the stuff she was doing and saying… Then she was so drunk she actually smashed the glass all over the table,” they added.

married at first sight australia 2022 tamara djordjevic
A source revealed that Tamara has been banned from The Osbourne. Source: Nine.

The group of brides were then asked to leave the venue. On her way out Tamara reportedly “yelled abuse at the restaurant staff.” When Kate tried to intervene, the Queenslander “started yelling ‘Kate is boring’ to Kate”.

A manager from The Osborne revealed exclusively to So Dramatic! that Tamara and her crew “will be barred from The Osbourne next time they try to get in.”

They added, “The Osborne Hotel does not associate with mean girls or bullies.”

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Tamara Lost Her Job As a Consequence of Her Actions

Not only has Tamara been banned from a restaurant, but the (former) real estate manager has also lost her job!

A source, whose best friend worked with Tamara, revealed exclusively to So Dramatic! that Tamara has been fired as a result of the abusive voicemails she left So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pustetto.

“Emails came through yesterday in relation to Tamara from various sources about what happened with you [Tamara leaving abusive voicemails].

mafs australia 2022 police
Tamara has reportedly been fired from her job. Source: Nine.

“Then this morning, the boss gathered everyone around and said they weren’t going to be going into it but Tamara would no longer be working with them.”

Allegedly, Tamara had tried to delete the emails members of the Drama Army had sent to her workplace regarding her behaviour.

“Tamara tried to delete it. But one of the girls retrieved it. It must be a shared email address where all the admin girls have access to it,” the source revealed.

Ai ai ai!

tamara mafs 2022
Tamara has been fired from her job. Source: Nine

Police Are Investigating Tamara’s Abusive Voicemails to Her MAFS Costars

Losing her job is not the only repercussion of Tamara’s behaviour.

After the bride left her MAFS costars and Megan threatening voice messages last week, the incident was reported to the police, who are currently investigating it.

The offence of “using a carriage service to menace, harass, or cause offence” carries a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment.

brent vitiello and tamara djordjevic
Tamara tried to call her MAFS partner Brent Vitiello on the same night. Source: Nine.

Section 474.17 of the Criminal Code contained in schedule one of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) denotes that an offence has been committed when a perpetrator: “uses a carriage service; and the person does so in a way (whether by the method of use or the content of a communication, or both) that reasonable persons would regard as being, in all the circumstances, menacing, harassing or offensive.”

To find the person guilty, police must prove the following:

  • that they used a carriage service;
  • that the content of the communications was menacing, harassing or offensive; and
  • that a reasonable person would consider what they did to be menacing, harassing or offensive.

In addition to Tamara, police are investigating two other incidents relating to Married at First Sight Australia 2022.

More to come…

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