Controversial Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Cody Bromley has found himself in hot water after his ex “wife” Selina Chhaur dished some spicy tidbits about their shock breakup.

During the MAFS reunion Commitment Ceremony, Selina revealed that her groom had dumped her the night before following their joint appearance at the reunion Dinner Party.

Now, she has spilled the tea regarding WTF went down and revealed the eye-roll-worthy (albeit not surprising) reason that Cody ACTUALLY signed his life away to Married at First Sight — and no, it wasn’t for love!

mafs australia 2022 cody selina reunion
Selina and Cody broke up during the MAFS 2022 reunion. Source: Nine.

Why Did Cody Bromley Dump Selina Chhaur?

In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle on Friday, Selina dished that Cody was acting weird AF during the MAFS reunion dinner party because he was plotting how to break up with her.

The hairdresser said that her relationship with Cody had been going well following the Final Vows. However, when they reunited to film the final MAFS episodes, the 31-year-old suddenly became “stand off-ish” and started making “snarky” comments toward her.

MAFS Selina Cody reunion
Cody and Selina attended the MAFS reunion Dinner Party the night of their shock breakup. Source: Nine.

The 33-year-old added that Cody would show her affection when the cameras were rolling, then cool right off as soon as they stopped.

“He kept literally, like, blocking me out with his arms,” she explained.

It turns out, the Sydneysider couldn’t even put his big boy pants on for a breakup, ending his and Selina’s relationship by telling her: “I’m gonna call it.” *Sigh*.

Selina was blindsided by Cody breaking up with her. Source: Nine.

Selina was (obviously) confused AF by the split.

“I was a little bit rattled, like, ‘Wait, what’s going on? What did you just say? What do you mean you’re calling it? Calling what?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, I’ve decided we’re just going to break up.'”

The lion, the witch, and the audacity of this b*tch Cody.

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The F*cked Reason Cody Bromley ACTUALLY Applied For MAFS

We think it’s safe to say that not everybody goes on Married at First Sight to find love. But, whilst chasing a blue tick is not the most honest motivation to apply for the experiment, it pales in comparison to Cody’s reason for taking on the show.

Last week, Selina revealed that her ex-“husband” only signed up for the show because he lost a bet.

“At homestays, I found out that he only applied for the show because he lost a bet at the gym,” she revealed.

mafs selina cody homestay
Cody only applied for MAFS because he lost a bet. Source: Nine.

TBH, we think Selina dodged a bullet with this breakup…

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