Married at First Sight’s Domenica Calarco really is the people’s kween and while she is winning fans all over the country, there’s one man who holds her heart — Jack Millar.

While they seem like the perfect match, Domenica’s head-strong personality and flair for calling it like it is has been somewhat of a struggle for the more reserved Jack, who, at times, has struggled to give her what she needs.

Are Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar still together? Source: Nine

And even though the couple seems to wade their way through their issues, the question still remains. Are they still together?

An Insider Dishes On Their “Unique Connection”

While they ended their Final Vows in the most Notebook-esque way — AKA macking on in the rain — it seems their relationship didn’t translate into the real world. BRB, crying.

Having arrived at the reunion separately, a source revealed their “final couch [chat] went for ages”.

“It’s a complicated relationship,” they said in episode 168 of the So Dramatic! podcast. “They aren’t together but remain best friends.” Phew, at least things ended amicably!

We know what you’re thinking — they seem so in love in their media interviews! However, a MAFS insider says it’s all part of the act.

are domenica and jack still together mafs
Domenica and Jack are no longer together. Source: Nine.

“It’s all just for show so they can try to remain the sweethearts of the show whilst it’s airing,” they said. “They leave in a good positive way, and have this unique connection.

“They still catch up for dinner, talk all the time, support each other, BUT in terms of progressing into a real romantic relationship, it’s still a bit of an uncertain journey for them.”

So, there’s still hope after all!

Jack Millar Spotted Leaving An Unknown Location With Another Woman

One MAFS fan in famed gossip group “Tea Time” on Facebook came to the party with some pics of Jack and an unknown woman leaving a Sydney hospo venue together in March.

“Not Jack from MAFS going home with… a chick,” they penned, adding that “they were touchy feely all night”. NOO! Say it ain’t so!

jack mafs new girlfriend
Is this Jack Millar’s new bae? Source: Facebook/Tea Time group.

Further adding fuel to the fire emblazoned with proof Jack and Domenica are no longer together, were some comments under the post.

One user revealed: “My boss is neighbours with him… [it’s his] new gf.”

Another said it “[didn’t] surprise [them]” after they spotted him on dating app, Hinge.

Was Jack Millar Sending Out An SOS During MAFS Filming?

As revealed in episode 166 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one eagle-eyed MAFS fan noticed that Jack had commented on a veeeerrrryy old Facebook post while the show was still filming in October 2021.

jack mafs facebook post help 2022
Source: Supplied.

On the post from 2012, he penned: “Hey mate, trying to get in contact. It’s been a struggle due to interweb issues. Please call at your earliest convenience. Technical help required, regards, J.”

Now, either this is a very niche inside joke or ol’ mate Jack was looking for some help from the outside…

Jack Millar Attended Domenica Calarco’s Birthday Party

Back in February, Domenica threw a bash to celebrate her 29th birthday.

Her MAFS hubby WAS in attendance, along with her parents and several of her Married at First Sight co-stars.

Jack was even snapped hanging out with Domenica’s dad John (who was not in his sheep-slaughtering ‘fit this time), Dion Giannarelli and Al Perkins.

So, even if they don’t make it as a couple IRL, they have at least managed to stay friends, which is a pretty impressive feat in itself.

MAFS 2022 Jack Millar Domenica Calarco dad
Dion Giannarelli, Al Perkins

Jack Millar Was Spotted Out On The Town With A Woman Who Wasn’t Domenica

Before we give you some more good news, we’ll rip off the bad-news band-aid first.

As reported in episode 160 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Jack was recently spotted at a party hosted by a running club in Wollongong, NSW. The real zinger, however, was that he arrived WITHOUT Kween Domenica by his side.

“He rocked up with a girl who was not Domenica Calarco,” the source dished, adding that they were unaware of who the woman was, or why he was at the party because he wasn’t part of the club.

In addition to this, the source dished that Jack “drank everyone else’s beers and then left”. Criminal!

Jack Millar Spent Time with His Ex at Christmas

As reported in episode 151 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Jack also spent Christmas 2021 with his ex-girlfriend.

According to a So Dramatic! source, the 26-year-old actually shares his dog Finn (AKA the unsung hero of MAFS 2022) with his former girlfriend, Emily. And because of their shared pup, they spent the holidays together.

Of course, this may not mean a thing and could be a way to throw us off the scent.

Jack spent Christmas with Finn’s (yes, the dog) mum, Emily. Source: Nine.

Never fear, because Jack and Domenica have been spotted together on numerous occasions after filming had finished. Phew!

Domenica Let Slip Her Relationship Status on Adelaide Radio

Now for the GREAT news.

Despite inklings that things aren’t all sunshine and roses, Domenica let it slip during an interview in March that her bed is currently “full”.

Speaking to SAFM Adelaide’s breakfast show, Bec, Cosi and Lehmo, Domenica responded to a question of whether her dog, Millie (who has her own Insta account) and Finn were getting along.

“It’s a full bed when it comes to bedtime,” she dished, before adding: “Two adults and the dogs.” Exqueeeeze me?!

Then realising her mistake, she added: “Honestly, I don’t have enough media training for this!” LOL! Love her!

domenica jack mafs
Domenica admitted that it’s a “full bed” in her house! Source: Nine.

The bride then confessed that she and her groom were “getting along like a house on fire.”

“On the weekend it was my birthday, we all had a huge party with my family. Jack was there, it was great.” Oh, happy days!

Cosi then added: “That sort of alludes you are still together, I’m sure a producer somewhere is beside themselves.” Ha!

Frankly, this is such beautiful news and we’re really, really barracking for these two!

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