Daniel HolmesMarried at First Sight Australia 2022 audition tape has provided some juicy insight into what the intruder is like in a relationship.

Given that we have hardly seen the groom this season (aside from during his scandalous meet-cute with someone else’s bride), Daniel’s tape delivers some answers to the many, many questions we have of him.

The 30-year-old has had a shocker of a run on the experiment, with his bride Jessica Seracino walking out less than a week after the pair tied the knot.

Welp, Daniel’s MAFS 2022 audition tape may have revealed what Jessica could’ve faced behind closed doors — and Carolina Santos should probably take some notes.

Daniel Holmes MAFS 2022
In his MAFS audition tape Daniel admits to being a “bit of a sh*t stirrer”. Source: Nine

In his audition tape, the MAFS 2022 groom admits that he likes to “prod” potential partners and wind them up a bit before things get too serious. His reasoning for these tactics was that he wants “to see how they deal with confrontation”. Yikes!

It is probably a good thing Jessica left when she did because she is literally the WORST at dealing with confrontation. And, the fact that there was potential for this marriage to be even more of a trainwreck is mind-blowing…

The bodybuilder added that he “won’t be a d*ck” to women or “say ‘you’re fat’ or anything” but he can “probably be a bit outspoken”. Charming…

MAFS Daniel and Carolina
Carolina and Daniel made some very judgemental comments about her groom Dion Giannarelli on MAFS. Source Nine

He also revealed that he has been told he is judgemental, but he doesn’t think he is.

Daniel Admitted in His MAFS Audition Tape That He Is Picky – But There’s a Good Reason For It

In his MAFS audition tape, the 2022 groom admitted to being quite picky.

“I could have had several relationships in the past year,” Daniel admitted, adding that the “previous version” of him would have done so.

However, the intruder is being patient.

“I know what I want. I’m not just going to jump into something because it feels immediately good,” he mused.

We can at least give him credit for trying to be patient with Jessica during the experiment… he didn’t even have to “prod” her to get her wound up!

Daniel Holmes Revealed His Biggest Fear In a Relationship

As touched on during the show, Daniel has had a tough life up until this point and in his MAFS 2022 audition tape, he expanded on his tragic family history.

He admitted that when he is dating someone he is terrified when it comes time to meet each other’s families.

The Brisbanite told producers: “There is a little bit of fear there because there is no ‘meet the parents’ [on his side].”

“My dad was always an alcoholic and my mum’s got mental issues,” he confessed, adding that he “realised [this] pretty young”.

In his audition tape, Daniel confirmed that he no longer sees either of his parents.

“Basically from thirteen I was out doing my own thing,” he expressed.

The groom also had an older brother who took his life when he was only 21-years-old, and Daniel, 17.

“When it gets into the family talk I don’t want it to sound depressing,” he said, of his biggest relationship fear.

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