In his Married at First Sight audition tape, Texan groom Andrew Davis opened up about his dramatic past relationships

At the very least, the 38-year-old has been unlucky in love, but his foray into the MAFS universe has revealed a complex relationship with his ex-wife and the mother of his child.

As revealed in episode 142 of the So Dramatic! podcast, MAFS is not the 38-year-olds first time at the altar.

In fact, Andrew has been engaged twice before, but you know what they say: third time lucky!

Andrew Davis MAFS
Married at First sight Australia 2022 is Andrew Davis’ third shot at marriage. Source: Nine

Not only did Andrew discuss his most recent marriage during his audition, but the slightly unhinged groom also spilled some piping hot tea about the breakup with his ex-fiancé.

So, strap in, because you already know this Texas cowboy is about to take us for a wild ride.

Andrew Davis Reveals Why he Broke Up With His First Fiancé

In Andrew’s MAFS audition tape, he spilled that his first shot at getting hitched was actually when he was 26. However, the engagement didn’t exactly go to plan.

Four months out from their wedding, Andrew’s ex-fiancé was out celebrating her hens party when — drum roll please — she cheated on him with a male stripper. Yikes!

Andrew MAFS audition tape 2022
Andrew’s ex-fiancé left him for a stripper she met at her hen’s party. Source: Nine

Andrew revealed: “They had a male escort, like a stripper. My ex-fiancé actually cheated on me with the male escort.”

We see a lot of weird, wild and wonderful stuff here at So Dramatic!, but this HAS to be up there as one of the most explosive.

But wait — it gets crazier!

“She ended up marrying the guy on our wedding day.” Ooft, that’s gotta hurt!

He added: “She didn’t even change the wedding date. She just used our deposit and changed the last name.”

What Happened Between Andrew and the Mother of His Child?

During his time on Married at First Sight, Andrew has made sure we know that he is all about those good family values!

Ah yes, a “family man” who roasts his wife’s performance in bed, got ya.

Heartbroken after being ditched by his ex-fiancé, Andrew was ready for round two (at marriage, that is).

In Andrew’s MAFS audition tape he confessed that his ex-wife was actually the reason he came to Australia. The pair met in Texas and a short while later Andrew yee-hawed his way over to Sydney to meet her family.

After travelling Down Under, Andrew immediately “flew back to Texas and sold everything [he] owned”. Wow, big commitment.

In case he hadn’t mentioned it already (he totally has), Andrew is a *spontaneous* guy.

So spontaneous, in fact, that he and his ex-wife had had only known each other for eight weeks before tying the knot.

Another rushed marriage? We are sensing there may be a pattern here…

Andrew MAFS audition tape
Married at First Sight 2022
In Andrew’s MAFS audition tape he confessed he married his first wife after only eight weeks of knowing her. Source: Nine

Nine months later his new bride was pregnant, and they soon welcomed a daughter, Madison.

“When a child is born it’s either going to put a wedge between your relationship or it’s going to make it stronger,” Andrew said of his daughter. “I feel like I kinda got kicked to the curb.” It’s almost as if when a woman has a baby that child becomes her top priority, Andrew!

The personal trainer then admitted he is “no longer in a stage of [his] life where [he] feels like [he] has to have another child.

“But, I do want to be a father to a child that’s in a family.”

Andrew Davis Admits That He Falls Hard and Fast

Andrew’s audition confessional also provided deeper insight into what he is like in a relationship.

When the unnamed cameraman asks Andrew whether he falls in love quickly, the should-be-cowboy’s reaction is very telling.

“Kinda,” he admitted with a chuckle. “Typically it happens in the first few seconds of me being around them, I feel that connection.”

Andrew MAFS audition tape
Andrew admits he falls in love “kinda” fast and hopes to find “the one” on MAFS. Source: Nine

He added: “If I’m invested in somebody I’m gonna go all in”.

Ever the typical cocky MAFS man, Andrew maintained he has “a high percentage of getting phone numbers and dates” when he approaches women. However, he is “not letting just anybody” into his life.

MAFS 2022 Andrew and Holly
Andrew and Holly have gone all-in in the early stages of their relationship on MAFS. Source: Nine

Now, this is just a hunch, but we’re sensing that hasn’t worked out too well for him in the past.

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