Now that we can no longer watch the romances on Love Island Australia 2021 on-screen, we’re all wondering which couples are still together in the real world.

Of course, there’s no denying that certain couples are loved-up AF (*cough* Mitch and Tina *cough*) but others are… shall we say… not so much.

The final week of the 2021 season saw the lasting pairs address their futures, from living logistics to the possibility of straight-up not agreeing on ANYTHING. So naturally, we’re curious to see how they’re faring since they’ve left the villa.

We’re all wondering which Love Island Australia 2021 couples are still together in the real world. Source: Nine.

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Mitch Hibberd and Tina Provis

Are they still together? F*ck yes!

All rise for Titch!

Mitch Hibberd and Tina Provis were (rightfully) crowned the winners of Love Island Australia 2021 and took home a shared $50,000 in prize money.

Since leaving the villa they’ve posted a number of loved-up snaps together which are all the confirmation we need to know they’re still going strong. Phew!

Plus, a Love Island producer previously spilled to So Dramatic! that Titch was one of the few genuine couples in the villa… So we can expect them to (hopefully) be together for a long time to come!

Jess Velkovski and Aaron Waters

Are they still together? Nope.

Despite leaving the finale hand in hand, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Jess Velkovski and Aaron Waters after the show.

A number of clues indicated that the couple was no longer together, but the bleached blonde babes didn’t confirm their split until November 29.

Chatting to 9Entertainment, Jess and Aaron said “disagreements” were to blame for their split.

“We still had issues seeing eye to eye on a situation in the villa,” Aaron confessed. “I wanted to move past it, and at least thought we could grow from it, but there was no real growth there, so I just felt like it was best to part ways.”

The 24-year-old also admitted that there was “a lot of friction [and] tension” that followed them into the real world.

Jess also addressed the cause that put a damper on their relationship.

“We haven’t been seeing eye to eye on a lot since exiting the Villa,” she explained, adding that their breakup conversation was “really hard”.

Chris Graudins and Zoe Clish

Are they still together? Yasss!

While we were lowkey devo that Chris Graudins moved on from Rachael Evren so quickly, we can’t deny that he and Zoe Clish make a cute AF couple.

They rounded out the season not only as runners-up, but as BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND!

Yep, the pair made it official during the final days of the series, after which they spent a steamy night together in the hideaway.

“I’m SO beyond grateful I…walked out with a boyfriend (who’s hot AF & literally the nicest most caring person you’ll ever meet),” Zoe wrote on Instagram after the finale.

Ryan Reid and Tayla Mellington

Are they still together? Absolutely f*cking not.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Tayla Mellington and Ryan Reid aren’t together anymore.

Despite telling WHO after her elimination that they’re “definitely still talking”, the 26-year-old later revealed during an Instagram Q&A that she was “definitely not with him”.

“I wish him all the best but he is just not my kind of guy,” she said.

Tayla also confessed that she was “apprehensive” about pursuing a relationship with Ryan after she was questioned if she “actually want[ed] to give Ryan a chance”.

“No, I didn’t just feel bad for Ryan, I actually did like him,” she said. “I was apprehensive, I think everyone could see [that], but I did give him the benefit of the doubt… but I learned the hard way.”

Taku Chimwaza and Michela Louis

Are they still together? You betcha!

Even though this pair had a rocky ride in the villa after meeting in Casa Amor, it seems like things are flourishing for Taku Chimwaza and Michela Louis in the real world!

Chatting to 9Entertainment after their joint dumping from the show, Taku revealed the pair are considering themselves exclusive.

“At the moment we’re hanging out a lot,” Taku said. “I guess you can call it exclusive. We’ve been hanging out a lot and said we don’t want to see anyone else but each other.”

“We’ve kind of taken everything very slowly and given that it’s only been a few days outside it’s been amazing.” Yaassss!

Courtney Stubbs and Noah Hura

Are they still together? Nah, mate.

Courtney Stubbs perhaps had the most tumultuous time in the Love Island Australia villa, but her luck seemed to change when she met Noah Hura in Casa Amor.

However, Courtney has revealed that distance was the demise of their relationship after leaving the show together.

“He can’t come to the Gold Coast, I can’t go to Melbourne without coming home,” she told 9Entertainment. “The border closures caused quite a problem for us.”

“We had a really strong connection but being apart from each other and being as fragile as we were has made us drift apart,” the 23-year-old said.

Noah agreed with Courtney’s sentiment, adding it was “really sad” they didn’t work out.

“It does suck and it is really sad because I do think we get along really well. The timing with everything at the moment is hard.”

TBH, it’s not too much of a loss for Courtney considering Noah has been accused of being a “pathological liar” and pretending he has a child. Yikes!

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