Multiple women have come forward with damning allegations against Love Island Australia 2021 star Noah Hura.

The 23-year-old, who entered into the villa on day 23 and was just shy of making it to the finale with Courtney Stubbs, has been accused of being a pathological liar among other more harsh accusations.

**CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses allegations of sexual assault and abuse.

It also contains graphic language.**

Like many shows that came before, Love Island Australia is the latest reality series to fall victim to a severe case of editing fails!
Multiple women have come forward with damning allegations against Love Island Australia 2021 star Noah Hura. Source: Nine.

What Allegations Have Been Made Against Love Island Australia 2021 Star Noah Hura

As reported in episode 126 of the So Dramatic! podcast, several women have come forward via DMs and Twitter, claiming that Noah lied about having a child. He also alleged that the mother of the child, died while giving birth.

One source told host Megan Pustetto that the baby was born when he was 15, while another told her that Noah had said he was 16 and another, that he was 22 at the time.

Noah Hura claimed in a text message that his daughter was now six years old. Source: Supplied.

In one messaged, supplied by someone Noah had been texting, the Perth local revealed that his daughter was now six years old and “rarely if ever” tells anyone about her.

He then when on to say that the girl who fell pregnant was a girl he “went to a year 12 ball with when I was year 9 hahaha [sic]”.

“Just to clarify, he does not have a kid,” another source revealed. “He just told people he did and that the mother of his imaginary kid died whilst giving birth.”

Social Media Comments Reveal Sexual Assault Allegations Against Noah Hura

Since his arrival on Love Island Australia 2021, multiple women have taken to the comments section on Instagram speaking about their experiences with the emergency responder.

“If you all knew the real him and all the f*cked sh*t he’s done to majority of the girls in Perth, you would all be disgusted,” one comment read. “It literally sickens me to see people falling for his fake TV facade.”

Multiple women have taken to the comments section on Instagram with their experiences of Noah Hura. Source: Instagram.
Multiple women have taken to the comments section on Instagram with their experiences of Noah. Source: Instagram.

While another sent in a DM accusing him of alleged sexual assault.

“My friend had a really negative experience with him,” it read. “He pushed her against a wall and tried to have sex with her even though she continued to say no. Luckily she was able to leave the situation (in tears and traumatised).”

According to this source, since then, three to four more women she worked with said they had had similar experiences with him.

Leaked Voice Messages Show Noah Hura Calling a Woman “Mentally Challenged” and Using Racial Slurs

Another source sent in a voice message from Noah (which you can listen to here) where he can be heard saying: “You’re acting like you’re mentally challenged, and I don’t know why you’re acting like that.”

Noah then uses the R-slur and calls her a “hoe”.

The same woman also alleges that she knows “girls who he has sexually assaulted”.

“I have also witnessed with my own eyes, him holding a girl up against a wall and forcing himself on her and multiple people having to tell him to stop.”

A leaked voice message shows Noah calling a woman “mentally challenged” and using racial slurs. Source: Instagram.

A Twitter Thread Containing Noah’s “Lies” Has Surfaced Online

In addition to the DMs and social media comments, a Twitter thread containing alleged lies surfaced.

“He’s lied about things like building a house, his occupation (he’s not an emergency responder) but the ones that take the cake is he lied to me about having THYROID CANCER and lied to another girl about having a kid and that his baby mumma DIED GIVING BIRTH [sic],” one Tweet read.

While a follow up said: “But I think the funniest thing of my situation whith him was that he was too good to follow me back on insta but was BEGGING me to do the three-day lockdown with him back in april when perth went into isolation [sic].”

So Dramatic! has reached out to Noah and Channel 9 for comment.

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact BeyondBlue on 1300 224 636 or Lifeline on 13 11 14. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a sexual assault, please contact the Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence National Help Line on 1800 Respect (1800 737 732) or head toThe Australian Human Rights Commission for a list of state by state resources.

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