Viewers watched much of the latest SAS Australia episode through their fingers while the 2021 recruits took on a vicious hand-to-hand combat test which resulted in one recruit being sent to hospital with an excruciating injury!

The remaining all-star cast faced off against each other during a challenge set to test their physical and mental resilience, but it was the fight between tennis champion Mark Philippoussis and Pete Murray that took a turn for the worst.

During the challenge, the 51-year-old singer-songwriter found himself on the ground with a dodgy elbow — and sh*t, did it look nasty!

The SAS medic Dan Pronk deduced that Pete (who we forgot was on the show until then TBH) sustained a dislocated elbow during the fight and would need to medically withdraw from the Special Forces selection course to receive proper hospital treatment.

SAS medic Dan Pronk (R) recommended Pete medically withdraw from the course to receive medical treatment.
Source: Channel 7.

“I didn’t expect to go out like this,” Pete told DS Ant Middleton before he was sent off to hospital, before telling viewers that “age is no barrier”.

“Don’t be scared to get out there and have a go,” he said. “I can walk away from this knowing I’ve done the best I can, I’ve pushed myself as far as I can and as hard as I can.”

Viewers shot to Twitter to post their reactions to Pete’s gruesome injury, while others acknowledged their distaste for the fight challenge altogether.

Pete revealed to Courier Mail that it took three hospital staff and several attempts to put his elbow back into place, and that he was unable to straighten his arm for three months following the boxing bout.

The combat challenge also proved too much for several other recruitsBonnie Anderson and Koby Abberton evidently struggled to watch sprinter Jessica Peris tackle Kerri Pottharst, before tennis Olympian and mother-of-two Alicia Molik voluntarily withdrew from the show after psyching herself out during her fight against a relentless Jana Pittman.

“I just got scared,” the 40-year-old said, adding that she thought she was going to “pulverize” Jana in the challenge.

As the SAS selection course becomes brutally challenging, the recruit numbers are beginning to dwindle.

You can watch the remaining recruits on SAS Australia on Channel 7, Monday through Wednesday at 7:30pm.

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