If there’s anything we need more of on reality TV it’s raw, honest and eye-opening moments, and SAS Australia 2021 delivered just that during the season’s third episode when Jana Pittman revealed she wet herself during an excruciating fitness test.

The 38-year-old Olympian was just six months post-partum following the birth of her son, Charles, when she underwent a series of exercises such as tyre flips, push-ups and burpees. As she was making her way back to the parade square, Jana accidentally wet her pants.

“I think I’m tough, but, I had a baby six months ago so I’m fighting that post-partum after-pregnancy body,” the mum-of-four confessed in a voiceover before she candidly told ex-Special Forces soldier Ant Middleton that she “couldn’t hold it” during the challenge.

“Embarrasing. I’m so sorry,” she said, and while Ant assured her that “it’s natural” and he didn’t mind” before Jana added that she was sharing the mishap for the benefit of women watching the show from home.

“No, but I just pissed myself on that run so that was embarrassing enough. Not intentionally but women at home need to know, after you have a baby, you don’t have a good pelvic floor if you try hard.”

It was her brutal honesty that then saw the former track athlete celebrated online, with viewers showing support en masse for her bravery and strength throughout the episode.

“Thank you for being so courageous in so many ways and being open about what happened,” one viewer penned to Jana on Twitter. “You made so many women feel less alone.”

Another fan labelled her a “f*cking queen”, and we couldn’t agree more!

“It’s great to see someone absolutely smashing it while also normalising issues people have with their bodies!” the user added.

The episode also saw SAS viewers turn against Bra Boy Koby Abberton after he flouted the instructions given to him by the Directing Staff (DS) during the fitness test, completing only half of the required push-up reps. The incident saw the former pro surfer branded a liar and cheater, with suggestions arising that he could be this season’s villain!

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