Love Island Australia 2022 bombshell Vakoo Kauapirura revealed what she wanted her partner to do with her ashes after she died, and fans don’t know how even to start unpacking this one…

During the November 21 episode, the returning reality star reminded fans exactly why we loved to watch her on The Bachelor Australia 2019 during her one-on-one chat with Tak Chipangura.

Speaking to Tak, the 27-year-old model explained that she wanted to be cremated after she died, hoping her widower would drink her ashes in a smoothie. Yup, she said it!

“Every morning when he makes a smoothie, I want him to put like a little teaspoon of my ashes [in], so when he drinks [it], I’m with him for the rest of our lives,” she explained.

Totally normal first date convo!

Hilariously, Tak kinda just rolled with it and agreed that it was romantic (before admitting it was “kind of weird” in an interview in the Beach Hut).

vakoo tak love island australia
Tak kind of just rolled with it and agreed that it was romantic. Shoot your shot, dude! Source: Nine.

He even ended up agreeing to drink her ashes if they got together. You know what? Shoot your shot, dude!

Love Island Australia Fans React To Vakoo Kauapirura‘s Bizarre Ashes Admission

But fans saw some major flaws in Vakoo’s plans, taking to Twitter to remind her, uhm, that’s not how the digestive system works, babe.

Other fans were just obsessed that Vakoo decided this was how she would reintroduce herself on national TV, and honestly, same.

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