Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Domenica Calarco has been held to account for her “horrible” comments about her co-star Tamara Djordjevic potentially joining OnlyFans.

Speaking on the most recent episode of the Happy Hour Live with Lucy and Nikki podcast, the 29-year-old suggested that Tamara had been seeking advice about signing up for the NSFW site.

“Babe, look, to be honest with you, don’t even bother because I even don’t think anyone will be willing to sign up darl, even if you’ve got a free subscription,” Domenica said of her co-star.

“I don’t give a sh*t at this point in time. I honestly, like have zero for these people because of this sh*t I went through, and the stuff I had to listen to them say about me on national TV.”

The comments come after Domenica was seemingly shamed for her OnlyFans account during the ninth season of MAFS when a racy photo of her was distributed among the cast.

Given her own experience, many people criticised the TV bride’s take on the situation.

Taking to the Facebook group for Domenica and co-star Ella Ding‘s show Sit With Us, one fan said they were “disappointed that Dom went there”.

“I know what they did to Dom was unforgivable, but I have always admired Dom for being the bigger person,” they wrote.

“I was hoping that Dom and Ella would not mention the other women negatively anymore.”

Another wrote: “Horrible thing to say about a woman… [Ella] no bloody better, always next to Dom laughing along.”

sit with us comment fan tamara
Even Domenica’s loyal fans admitted they were “disappointed” with her comments. Source: Supplied.

Other fans took to the Happy Hour Instagram page to slam Domenica, noting she should “practise what she preaches”, while some praised her for “keeping it real”.

Domenica Calarco Hits Back at Critics Over Her Comments Towards Tamara Djordjevic

Following the backlash, Domenica shared a lengthy statement about her comments in the Sit With Us Facebook group on November 17.

The makeup artist said she “understand[s] wholeheartedly” that “people may be upset” with how she “spoke about a certain female” (read: Tamara).

“I want to say a few things,” she penned.

“I can support women and not like an individual. If someone is or has been vile against me, I don’t think there can be any gender generalisation here.”

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She said this issue “has nothing to do with supporting or not supporting women”.

“I’m not going to kiss your a*s purely because you’re trying to take me down, and you’re the owner of a vulva.”

Domenica added, “we won’t achieve anything by rehashing” the drama.

“So I won’t be doing anymore [sic] interviews where I’m asked about MAFS or any of my fellow participants.”

married at first sight domenica tamara sit with us comment
Domenica told the Sit With Us Facebook group she’ll no longer be commenting on MAFS and her co-stars. Source: Supplied.

She later commented on a clip of her interview on Happy Hour, doubling down on her OG comments.

“People seem to forget that I was slut shamed and made fun of on national tv because I had only fans [sic],” she wrote.

“It’s fine if people don’t like me; I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. But don’t try and put me down to their level because I’ve never slut shamed another woman.”

Domenica doubled down on her comments, stating she “never sl*t shamed another woman”. Source: Instagram.

She then confessed the discussion was about comments Tamara made at the MAFS reunion, which aired in April.

Tamara Djordjevic Responds to Domenica Calarco’s Comments

Tamara took to her Instagram Story to comment on the interview as the drama ensued.

Alongside Happy Hour‘s post, the 30-year-old wrote: “Imagine making your whole personality and career in life about hating on other people and spreading it as publicity [sic] and loud as this.

“I’ve never shared anything before because I don’t care, but like come on,” Tamara continued. “It’s been a year. Can we move the f*ck on.”

married at first sight domenica tamara
Tamara called out Domenica for “hating on other people” in such a public forum. Source: Instagram.

Several Other Married at First Sight Stars Weighed In on the OnlyFans Drama

Olivia Frazer also chucked her two cents in with a reshared post that read: “You don’t have to seek revenge; rotten fruit will fall by itself.” Ouch!

“Posting this again since myself and my friends are being trashed by other women yet again,” she said.

“So much for being advocates for other women. I’ll continue to offer peace rather than feeding into this continuing toxic narrative.”

olivia frazer married at first sight domenica tamara
Olivia Frazer said she’ll “continue to offer peace” rather than “feed into” Domenica’s drama. Source: Instagram.

Even Olivia’s ex Jackson Lonie piled on in the comment section of Happy Hour‘s video to defend Tamara.

“Imagine saying your all for women and then full shaming another woman saying shes not worthy of any subscribers!! [sic]” he penned.

“All you have done since the shows been done dom is talk sh*t about everyone [sic]. It’s time to move on and grow up it’s been a year”

jackson domenica comment
Jackson Lonie even weighed in, telling Domenica to “move on and grow up”. Source: Instagram.

Under the same post, Carolina Santos claimed Domenica “can lash out but can’t take it”.

“Every time we mention Dom’s name, she plays the victim card, but she can say whatever the f*ck she wants,” the mum of one said.

carolina comment happy hour married at first sight domenica tamara
Carolina Santos said Domenica “can lash out but can’t take it”. Source: Instagram.

“Body shaming [Tamara]? You think you better than her putting woman down sic]? I feel sorry for you Dom!!”

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