Love Island Australia 2022’s Phoebe Spiller was left heartbroken after her Kiwi love interest Mitch Eliot turned out to be a major f*ckboi (shock, horror reveal, we know).

During the November 8 episode, Mitch confirmed he was “open” to getting to know intruder Maddy Gillbanks, even though he was part of the strongest relo in the villa.

When the blonde bombshell arrived, she was adamant that she wasn’t afraid to step on anybody’s toes and this is exactly how it played out.

maddy love island australia 2022
Bombshell Maddy Gillbanks wasn’t afraid to step on anybody’s toes to get with whoever she was interested in. Source: Nine.

Maddy pulled Mitch for a chat, asking him whether he’d be mad if she chose him for the next Recoupling Ceremony.

Mitch admitted he was “open to anything” and explained he wanted the full Love Island experience.

But Phoebe apparently didn’t get the memo that their developing relationship would get thrown out the window quite so quickly.

“This always happens to me. Everybody always leaves me for someone else,” Phoebe said in tears.

While she made the heart-shattering admission to her gal pals Jessica Losurdo and Claudia Bonifazio, one male contestant couldn’t stand seeing his friend (or more?!) in distress.

Love Island Australia 2022 Fans Loved Jordan’s Reaction to the Mitch and Phoebe Drama

Fans took to Twitter to swoon over Love Island’s resident “bogan” Jordan Dowsett, as he selflessly consoled Phoebe.

jordan phoebe love island australia 2022
Fans took to Twitter to swoon over Love Island’s resident “bogan” Jordan Dowsett, as he selflessly consoled Phoebe. Source: Nine.

When Phoebe explained that she felt like an “idiot” for not seeing the signs, Jordan told her: “You’re only going on what was said [to you] and what you feel.”

Mitch had previously told Phoebe that he had “tunnel vision” for her, and uhm, yeah, we can see where you got confused there!

Maddy ended up taking Mitch’s “open to anything” claim to heart, choosing him in the Recoupling Ceremony.

But Phoebe wasn’t taking the L lying down, making sure everybody in the villa knew he was still her “boy”.

Love Island Australia Fans Can’t Understand How Jess Continues To Put Up With Conor

Meanwhile, Jess and Conor Howard were still playing that weird AF game of “truth or dare” between themselves and whoops, some questions should have stayed in drafts.

 jess conor

While cuddling in bed, Conor asked Jessica if she thought the pair could win the show.

When she asked to change the topic, Conor said: “I’m just having a conversation with you, darling. You can’t get pissed off with me for that. I’m just asking.” BIG TIME ICK!

Obvs, this makes her second guess EVERYTHING!

“Conor keeps making comments about strategy and game plans… when he says stuff like that, it just makes me think he’s not genuine,” Jess later explained in the Beach Hut.

Still on the “same wavelength” there, Conor?!

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