Love Island Australia 2022 fans are confused about whether Jess Losurdo knows that resident f*ckboi Conor Howard is love-bombing the hell out of her.

During the November 3 episode, Conor pulled Jess for a chat to show his vulnerable side, conveniently straight after she went on dates with Callum Hole and Tak Chipangura.

“My eyes are literally only for you,” Conor said. “I’m a person who can let someone else in. I don’t care if it [takes] four days or four years; I want you to be mine.”

“I find weakness in a guy very sexy. It shows that you have emotional intelligence, which is huge for me,” Jess told him.

He then immediately asked whether he could kiss her and babes, that’s not where that conversation was going.

conor jess love island australia 2022
Fans wondered whether Conor had really roped Jess in with his show of emotional vulnerability. Source: Nine.

“I did not expect Conor to open up like that. I didn’t think I would get blood out of the stone,” Jess admitted in her one-on-one interview.

She added: “It’s conflicting because my head’s telling me to close off everything I had with Conor. But my heart is telling me to give him a chance.”

Love Island Australia 2022 Fans Question Whether Jess Will Give Conor a Second Chance

Fans were equally befuddled, wondering whether Conor had really roped Jess in with his show of emotional vulnerability.

Some fans reckoned he got her hook, line and sinker; while others believed she just didn’t give a f*ck whether he was a human personification of a red flag. (Spoiler Alert: HE IS!)

Many believed Conor wasn’t actually interested in Jess as an actual person… but was just overly competitive or possessive.

Some even questioned whether Conor had just received an early villain edit… Hmmm, nah.

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