Love Island Australia 2022‘s Al Perkins has revealed that his mum Joyce has one particular house rule that is a “turn-off for girls”.

When we first met the 26-year-old on Married at First Sight in early 2022, it was clear that he and his mum were a packaged deal. And now, even after recently flying the coop for a romp in the Love Island villa, that hasn’t changed.

“I’m still a mummy’s boy,” he confessed to So Dramatic! ahead of his debut on the show. “I still live at home; my mum still packs my lunches.”

Love Island Australia 2022‘s Al Perkins still lives at home with his mum, Joyce! Source: Instagram.

However, no matter how much Joyce adores her shoey-loving son, she’s pretty keen on showing him the door!

“My mum wants to kick me out,” Al said. “She’s always mentioning it to my friends, saying, ‘get Al to move out with you’.”

TBH, having your lunch made for you daily does seem pretty nice, but the incoming Islander is by no means naive about the fact that his current living arrangement is a “turn-off”.

“I do believe it’s a turn-off for girls, especially if I tell them I live at home,” Al continued.

“I say, ‘If you want to come over, we have to leave the door open’, and people are very shocked by that.” And, well… no sh*t…

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Al Perkins Reckons He’s “Matured” Since Being on Married at First Sight Australia 2022

It’s hard to believe that MAFS finished airing SIX whole months ago, and while his co-stars continue to make headlines for all the wrong reasons, Al has remained relatively drama-free since then.

And while some would put it down to his personality, Al is positive that he’s “matured” a lot since filming began in 2021.

“I definitely have a bit more of an emotional intelligence,” he said. “I learned a lot [from MAFS], like how to be with a girl from Sam [Moitzi] and how to speak to her.

“Obviously, we were thrown into challenges and had arguments, but I learned how to go about that and carry those experiences into Love Island.”

Al Samantha Moitzi
Al learned a lot from being in a TV relationship with Samantha Moitzi on Married at First Sight. Source: Nine.

The main difference, however, is the shows’ very different formats. On MAFS, Al was afforded guidance from the experts. Meanwhile, on Love Island Australia 2022, he was forced to fend for himself.

“You don’t know what you’re doing right or wrong,” he recalled of his time on the hit dating show. “It’s all on you and what you know before going into the villa.

“You also have other islanders giving you advice, so everyone’s bouncing off each other. The Islanders are the experts!”

God, imagine there being no experts on MAFS; it’d be more of a disaster than it already is!

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