Dancing with the Stars Australia 2020‘s Christian Wilkins has called out an online troll for targeting him with an “offensive” Halloween meme.

The cyberbully called the 27-year-old an “attention-seeking r*t*rd”, with a photo of Christian at 2022’s Derby Day edited onto Halloween costume packaging.

Taking to Instagram following the Melbourne Cup event, the reality star reshared the meme to his Story, hitting back at the troll’s misuse of words targeting the disabled community.

christian wilkins
Christian Wilkins has called out an online troll for targeting him with an “offensive” Halloween meme based on his Derby Day outfit. Source: Instagram.

“Honestly, think what you want,” Christian wrote alongside the original post.

“But as a sibling of someone with a disability, I find this term extremely offensive.”

The influencer is one of Channel Nine presenter Richard Wilkins‘ four children and is a sibling to Adam, 47, who has Down syndrome.

The troll’s fake Halloween advert mocked the DWTS contestant’s unique get-up, in which he wore dramatic headgear adorned with feathers.

“Includes: tucking tape, chicken fillets, Richard Wilkins tick of approval,” the edited packaging read.

christian wilkins halloween meme
Christian said he found the terminology used “extremely offensive”. Source: Instagram.

The original creator captioned the distasteful meme: “At least they made a costume that represents you. Disgustingly vile thing you are [sic].”

christian wilkins meme
The original poster called Christian “disgustingly vile”. Source: Instagram.

It appears that the post and related account have since been deleted.

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