Abbie Chatfield has once again brought up her newfound feud with the Married at First Sight 2022 cast, slamming Carolina Santos for comparing their reality TV experiences.

ICYMI – the Bachie alum joined the MAFS cast in creating an all-out media frenzy on October 19.

The 2021 alumni posted countless Instagram Story videos, slamming Domenica Calarco and her new web series, Dom’s Debrief.

After Abbie claimed the TV villains were “jealous” of Domenica’s success, Carolina accused Abbie of “meddling in this situation” because she wanted more “TV time”. And yes, this drama is as convoluted as it sounds.

Abbie Chatfield Reckons She’s More Similar to Domenica Calarco and Slams Carolina Santos’ Comparison

Carolina suggested in her Instagram Story on October 19 that Abbie had gone through “the same sh*t” that the MAFS 2022 villains were still experiencing.

But Abbie clearly wasn’t happy with that comparison, arguing on her It’s a Lot podcast that she was “never mean to anyone”.

“Let’s be clear, I didn’t go through the same sh*t you went through,” Abbie said.

“I was never rude to anyone, I never exposed someone’s OnlyFans, I was slut-shamed for humping someone on a beach and saying, ‘I want to f*ck you.’”

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“I went through what Dom went through, not what all of you went through,” Abbie said before suggesting Domenica was similarly “slut-shamed” for using the adult content app.

“You are the people who made my life hell on The Bachelor and after The Bachelor, who created this weird thing that I was an awful person because I had an abortion because I’m bisexual and I wasn’t out yet, and one of them tried to force me to come out and told me I have to tell Matt [Agnew] on my next date.”

Of course, Abbie has every right to speak out about the harassment she reportedly experienced when filming The Bachelor. However, it seems unfair to project those accusations onto an entirely different cast…

Abbie Chatfield Hit Back at the Married at First Sight Cast For Telling Her To Stay in Her “Own Lane”

Several Married at First Sight cast members felt Abbie shouldn’t have commented on their drama because she wasn’t directly involved.

Despite telling the MAFS alum in her initial Instagram Story to “slay in your own lane”, Abbie slammed the cast for echoing the same sentiment in their various response videos.

The radio host claimed she’s “paid to comment on popular culture”, which includes reality TV feuds.

“My lane is actually Australian pop culture,” Abbie said.

While the podcast aired on October 24, we’re assuming she recorded it soon after Carolina made her statement a week earlier. We’re just hoping its really over this time!

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