OG Survivor host and producer Jeff Probst has dished that he’s considered filming an international version of the show.

The globally renowned series first took off with the US iteration in 2000 and has since aired 42 seasons and counting.

The format has also hit dozens of countries, including Australia (obvs), South Africa, New Zealand, Turkey and the Philippines.

jeff probst survivor
Survivor host and producer Jeff Probst has dished that he’s considered filming an international version of the show. Source: CBS.

Now, Jeff has let slip the idea of a cross-nation competition in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and our minds are already running WILD.

According to the seasoned torch-snuffer, the thought was ignited by The Challenge, which sees a bunch of reality stars compete in a Survivor-like environment.

“We have definitely considered some kind of international Survivor showdown, but we’ve never figured out a way to do it that we thought would be fun for our audience and still loyal to the format,” he confessed.

Suggestion: take your pick of all the international winners (and villains) and dump ’em on a tropical island with some flint and rice. Sorted.

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Jeff Probst Details the Difficulty In Casting an International Version of Survivor

However, Jeff reckons the long list of contestants is more of a hindrance when cherry-picking the ultimate cast.

Survivor is so much about the nuance of relationships,” he said.

“And with the language barriers that come with an international format, we’re not yet convinced we know how to do it.”

Two-time Australian Survivor star and All-Stars 2020 winner David Genat (A.K.A the Golden God) previously told Pedestrian.TV that he’s “100 per cent” down to wipe out international opponents.

david genat
Two-time Australian Survivor star David Genat said he was “100 per cent” down for an international version. Source: Ten.

“I don’t think it’s a case of will I; it’s a case of when I will show up,” he admitted. “I just need some time to get myself right, and I’m gonna go out there and smash those guys.”

Australian Survivor has already seen the introduction of overseas players to the game.

This year, the absolute QUEEN of the game Sandra Diaz-Twine faced off in Blood v Water alongside her daughter, Nina.

Meanwhile, fedora king and controversial character Russell Hantz appeared on Champions v Contenders in 2017.

While we wait with bated breath for Survivor International, we guess we’ll just have to settle for Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains 2023

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