It’s been pipped as the most “brutal” season yet with a brand-new cast of Aussies going head-to-head on Australian Survivor 2022: Blood V Water.

The new crop of contenders includes MasterChef Australia’s Khan Hong and his sister, Amy, influencer Sophie Cachia (we told you so!) and her sister KJ and Survivor USA two-time champion, Sandra Diaz-Twine and her daughter Nina.

While we’re familiar with the above, there’s also a new host of contestants, ready to outwit, outlast and outplay.

The full cast of Australian Survivor 2022: Blood V Water. Source: Network Ten.

Joining the aforementioned are in-laws Jay and Alex, husband and wife team Andy and Kate – who traded in their honeymoon for the show and identical twins, Michele and Mel. Good luck figuring out who is who!

Scroll through to meet the full cast of Australian Survivor 2022: Blood V Water.

Jay, 34 & Alex, 28, VIC — In-Laws

Alex and Jay Survivor Australia 2022

Khanh, 30 & Amy, 24, VIC — Siblings

Khanh and Amy, Survivor Australia 2022

Andy, 49 & Kate, 46, QLD — Siblings

Andy and Kate, Survivor Australia 2022

Ben, 33 & Shayelle, 31, QLD – Partners

Ben and Shayelle, Survivor Australia 2022

Chrissy, 42 & Croc, 41, QLD — In-Laws

Chrissy and Croc, Survivor Australia 2022

David, 51 & Briana, 25 — Father and Daughter

David and Briana, Survivor Australia 2022

Jordie, 25, VIC & Jesse, 22, ACT — Brothers

Jordie & Jesse, Survivor Australia 2022

Jordan, 29 & Josh, 31, VIC — Cousins

Jordan & Josh, Survivor Australia 2022

KJ, 37 & Sophie, 31, VIC — Sisters

Sophie and KJ, Survivor Australia 2022

Mark, 42 & Sam, 37, VIC — Husband & Wife

Mark and Sam, Survivor Australia 2022

Mel, 33 & Michele, 33, VIC — Identical Twin Sisters

Mel and Michele, Survivor Australia 2022

Sandra, 47, and Nina, 24, USA — Mother and Daughter

Sandra and Nina, Survivor Australia 2022

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