The Real Love Boat Australia 2022 is the one show we can’t look away from; however, we’re even more intrigued by the wristbands the cast constantly sports onboard the Regal Princess.

Whether they’re checking out one of the cruise ship’s 19 decks, macking on in Marseilles or having it out over a glass of champers, the show’s singles are never without their blue and gold jewels.

But what TF are they for?

the real love boat sally jay
What are the wristbands used for on The Real Love Boat Australia? Source: Ten.

Known as “OceanMedallions”, an on-set source said the wearable device is a key element of cruise life.

“The bracelets are what you use to get into your rooms, pay for things and find your room if you are lost,” they told So Dramatic!.

“The cruise didn’t take credit cards or cash; everything goes through the medallions.”

However, it’s not just for VIPs — or very important reality stars — with the insider dishing “all guests on board have them”.

What Else Is the OceanMedallion Used for On The Real Love Boat‘s Regal Princess Cruise Ship?

Exclusive to Princess Cruises voyages, the OceanMedallion rollout kicked off in 2017 on the Regal Princess.

The new technology was then implemented on the Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess in 2018.

OCEAN Medallion Bracelet
The OceanMedallion first hit cruise ships in 2017. Source:

Aside from giving guests room access and purchase abilities (MedallionPay), the devices are also capable of tracking your whereabouts.

However, it’s not as creepy as it sounds!

Cruisers can use the Medallions for on-demand food and beverage services via an app, in which they order their items before their delivery to your location onboard the ship. How’s that for service?!

the real love boat wristband
Cruisers can also use the Medallions for on-demand food and beverage services. Source: Ten.

Now with cool AF technology and perks like the OceanMedallion, let’s hope the guests whose holiday was interrupted by The Real Love Boat filming weren’t too bent outta shape…

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