Beauty and the Geek Australia 2022’s Tara Schwarz and Michael Gebicki have made it to yet another milestone in their adorable relationship.

The loved-up reality stars — who quickly became a golden couple of the franchise — have recently celebrated their six-month anniversary.

“Six months with this loser,” Tara wrote on her Instagram Story, having first started dating Michael in March 2022. Honestly, you know it’s true love when they affectionately insult each other!

Tara Swarz posted in honor of her six-month anniversary with Michael. Source: Instagram.

Tara and Michael were off to a flying start from the get-go of their relationship, having caught each other’s eye in the first BATG mixer. Soon after, they had their first date at an indoor skydiving centre.

Since then, the pair have undoubtedly gone on countless dates together, even travelling through Europe side-by-side (along with BATG’s Samuel Mitchell).

tara samuel michael batg
The couple travelled through Europe with their BATG co-star (and housemate) Samuel Mitchell. Source: Instagram.

They also live together, along with co-stars Samuel and Alexander Waters. We wonder how they’re coping with the 24/7 PDA-fest?

Beauty and the Geek’s Tara and Michael Confirmed Their Relationship on Instagram

The “official first date” comes after the pair confirmed they were still together on August 8, alongside a slew of some seriously cute couple pics.

“Are we still together? Absolutely we are,” Tara captioned the post.

“Are we still together? Absolutely we are,” Tara confirmed. Source: Instagram.

“Thanks to Beauty and the Geek we had the opportunity to meet, and it wasn’t long after the show wrapped that we also fell in love,” she said.

Tara explained that Beauty and the Geek allowed the duo to “experience a lifetime of things together in such a short time”.

Beauty and the Geek allowed Tara and Michael to “experience a lifetime of things together in such a short time”. Source: Instagram.

“Since then we’ve only fallen more in love with each other,” she said. STAHP!

“While we both went into this experience with open hearts, neither of us expected to come out the other side with the connection we’ve found with one another, and we couldn’t be more grateful,” Tara continued.

“We hope that every person out there who has ever doubted their worth, been treated badly, or lost hope in themselves and in love, can see from us that the right love will come along when and where you least expect it.”

We just LOVE, love!

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