Beauty and the Geek 2022‘s Tara Schwartz and Michael Gebicki’s whirlwind relationship seems to have gone from zero to 100, with the lovebirds announcing on August 11 that they’ve moved in together.

Just days after confirming they were still together, Tara told Beauty and the Geek fans during an Instagram Q&A that she now lives with BF Michael.

And thankfully, the 22-year-old mermaid performer didn’t have to move into the six-person horror share house that we saw on BATG!

beauty and the geek tara michael
Beauty and the Geek 2022’s Tara Schwartz and Michael Gebicki’s whirlwind relationship seems to have gone from zero to 100 (and we’re loving it). Source: Instagram.

Tara and Michael – who have been officially dating since March 2022 – also moved in with two other BATG stars, Alexander Waters and Samuel Mitchell (who also travelled to Europe with the loved-up couple).

Tara posted a classic early 20-somethings snap of the four BATG roomies sitting on the floor of their new apartment and eating dinner, surrounded by moving boxes.

“This was our first meal in our new home,” Tara wrote. OMFG, we wanna be a part of this adorable friend group!

Beauty and the Geek’s Michael Gebicki Jokes That He’s Only With Girlfriend Tara Schwartz “For Clout”

During the same Instagram Q&A, a fan asked Tara: “Can you see yourself having a future with Michael?”

“Hey babe, can you see us having a future together?” Tara asked Michael, who was snuggling up to her while wearing matching Oodies.

tara michael batg
During the same Instagram Q&A, Tara also revealed whether she could see herself having a future with Michael (Spoiler: she can). Source: Instagram.

“Mmhmm,” Michael pretended to consider the question before his GF asked: “Probably not?”

“Probably not,” he agreed. The ever-cheeky Geek then revealed the real reason he moved in with Tara.

“No, I only moved in with her because [of] clout,” Michael joked.

They’re cute and funny? STAHP, we can’t handle it!

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