Married at First Sight Australia 2019’s Martha Kalifatidis has revealed she is “petrified” of giving birth after becoming pregnant with her first child.

On September 5, the reality star and her fiancée, Michael Brunelli, announced they were expecting; however, it had not been smooth sailing, with Martha revealing she is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum.

During an Instagram Q&A on September 13, the 34-year-old was asked if she was “scared of childbirth”, to which she replied (accompanied by a pic of her positive pregnancy test): “I am petrified. I think about it every day!”

Married at First Sight Australia 2019’s Martha Kalifatidis has revealed she is “petrified” of giving birth. Source: Instagram.

The former MAFS bride also shared her pregnancy cravings, including mangoes and cucumber.

“I cannot stop thinking about mango, but we can’t find any,” she said. “Also, cucumber, a lot of cucumber and salt.”

Another fan asked whether Michael and Martha thought they were “having a boy or girl”, to which she responded: “I think it’s a girl.”

Martha Kalifatidis “Best Day So Far” Involved a Facial

While their pregnancy news was a welcome surprise, Martha revealed she was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a rare disorder that causes extreme nausea and vomiting in pregnant women. 

When asked what her “best day so far” involved, she admitted that having a “facial for the first time in months” made her feel “brand new”.

“I honestly didn’t wash my face for 10 weeks,” she revealed. “I’d just let the water run over me in the shower, and even that was a struggle.”

Having a “facial for the first time in months” was Martha’s “best day so far” in her pregnancy. Source: Instagram.

She also explained that if she had a second child, there was “definitely a chance” she would have the illness again.

“There is no way to tell,” she said. “I’m not even thinking that far ahead, to be honest. I’m just trying to survive this.”

When are Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis Getting Married?

Finally, Martha was asked, “when [are] you and Michael getting married?”

“Next year,” she said with a fingers crossed emoji!

The pair announced their engagement on December 5, 2021. Taking to their respective Instagrams, both Michael and Martha shared the exciting news.

“Mrs B,” they captioned their joint post.

Michael and Martha plan to get married in 2023. Source: Instagram.

Martha Kalifatidis Reveals 10kg Weightloss Due to Being Pregnant

On September 12, the influencer revealed that weight loss was a notable side effect of her ongoing struggle with the pregnancy-related illness.

“I was so sick. I couldn’t eat or drink anything. There were days when I didn’t even get up to pee. I lost ten kilos in five weeks,” Martha explained in their announcement video, saying she was still “suffering through” many symptoms.

Martha Kalifatidis has revealed that weight loss has been one of the side effects of her hyperemesis gravidarum. Pictured with fiancée Michael Brunelli. Source: Instagram.

Then, in an Instagram Live on September 12, Martha explained one of the newest indicators of being pregnant was “stunning headaches”.

Martha Kalifatidis weight loss
Martha shared a mirror selfie of herself at “16 weeks” in a grey jumper and black slacks. Source: Instagram.

“I’ve had a few good days over the past three weeks but still having some very grim nights and equally sh*tty days,” Martha said, with many fans telling her how much they missed her presence on Instagram.

She also shared a mirror selfie showcasing “16 weeks” in a grey jumper and black slacks. In another selfie, she added that there is “no bump yet” to show.

Martha Kalifatidis weight loss baby bump
Martha revealed she doesn’t have a baby bump yet. Source: Instagram.

Michael Brunelli Recalls Feeling “Completely Helpless” Amid Martha Kalifatidis’ Pregnancy-Related Illness

Until now, Michael has been the only one sharing rare insights into Martha’s pregnancy.

“I watched Martha go from enjoying a holiday to nervously celebrating a new stage in our life, to moaning in pain for hours and days on end,” the 31-year-old said on September 6.

Michael has been keeping fans updated about Martha’s pregnancySource: Instagram.

“She has spent the best part of the last ten weeks in bed 24 hours a day, dehydrated, nauseous, vomiting, restless, tired, anxious, fatigued and unable to properly sleep or eat.”

Michael also admitted he felt “completely helpless” at times.⁣

“I think about all the times she grabbed my hand and said ‘babe, please help!’ knowing full well I couldn’t do anything more for her, and it absolutely rips my heart out,” he said. 

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