Stan has just debuted its new reality series, Love Triangle, and the premise is as if Married at First Sight and Love Is Blind had a baby.

Created by the executive producers of Channel Nine’s rating juggernaut MAFS, the new series forces its participants to give up on the idea of their “ideal partner”. After all, when has sticking to your type ever worked for anyone?!

Instead, the stars will date someone they’ve never seen before — then move in together.

love triangle
Love Triangle is the love-child of Married at First Sight, and Love Is Blind. Source: Stan.

While it sounds eerily similar to shows we’ve seen in the past, the eight-episode series has enough shakeups to keep reality TV die-hards intrigued.

So, how TF does Love Triangle work?

So, six singles will spend three days chatting to two potential baes to form a connection. However, they have no idea what their suitors look like.

“It’s three days talking to their two options via texts and phone calls, but no visual interaction and no discussing what you look like, your ethnicity, hair colour, none of that,” said producer Tara McWilliams — y’know, the former head honcho of MAFS.

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After the three days, each single will choose a partner, and they’ll embark on their first date.

They’ll shack up together in an apartment and kickstart their relationships. And, in true MAFS fashion, the couples will get to know the other pairs across multiple dinner parties.

What Are the Main Differences Between Married at First Sight and Love Triangle?

According to Tara, it was “important” to the creators that Love Triangle stands on its own legs.

“We wanted something different,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s not an experiment, there are no experts or weekly commitment ceremonies, and the singles decide who they end up with from their two options.”

However, with a name like Love Triangle, we can expect things to get messy — if not messier —than the marriage experiment. A.K.A., partner-swapping will totes be encouraged.

“It’s more like the real world; if you end up being attracted to someone outside your relationship, then so be it, and we will track that storyline,” producer John Walsh said.

Hook it to our veins! Love Triangle will debut on October 6 on Stan.

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