The Bachelorette Australia 2021‘s Luca Fraraccio may have been rejected by Brooke Blurton, however, he hasn’t let it stop him from trying his luck in love on Heartbreak Island Australia 2022.

As previously reported by So Dramatic! in February, Luca revealed that he had been “presented with an opportunity for the next couple of months”. Further, meaning he was going to be MIA from socials.

While we all thought the fan fave had been nabbed for The Bachelor Australia 2022, it turns out he was jetting off to Fiji for the first international stint of Heartbreak Island!

Akin to his Bachelorette entry as an Intruder, Luca surprised contestants in the show’s sixth episode when he arrived as a “Disruptor”.

Reappearing on our screens on August 25, the PE teacher was one of eight new arrivals and damn, these newbies certainly stirred things up!

“There’s a lot of mixed personalities and different energies in the room,” the 26-year-old expressed. “It’s gonna be interesting.”

heartbreak island disruptors
Luca said the “different energies” on the island will make for an “interesting” experience. Source: Seven.

ICYMI: Heartbreak Island Australia follows a bunch of hot AF “Heartbreakers” from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US as they battle for love and money.

When Luca took to The Bachelorette, he confessed that he was “here for love”, but with $100,000 on the line on this show, is that still the case?

What Can Be Expected from Heartbreak Island Australia?

While viewers have already been privy to some pretty spicy drama so far, Heartbreaker Sean Wepener says we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

“There’s a lot of drama that unfolds,” he told So Dramatic! in August.

Dishing that the dinner table is where all the sh*t goes down, the Magic Men performer reckons co-star Manaaki Hoepo is the catalyst for mayhem on the island.

“[Manaaki] is a facilitator for drama,” the 23-year-old said. “He will pick and choose what he hears, and then he’ll bring it up at the dinner table.”

“He’s not afraid to say, ‘Right, I heard this… Let’s have it out now’,” he said of his Manaaki’s tactics.

However, Sean did admit that Heartbreak Island — which is available to watch exclusively on 7plus — is a bit too dramatic for its own good!

“Especially those scenes at the dinner table, they didn’t need to blow up as much as they did. And that’s where Manaaki likes to just make sure everything comes down and stirs that pot real well.”

Sounds like someone’s keen to be the winner winner, chicken dinner!

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