Sean Wepener may have moving and shaking in the bag; however, he’s convinced one particular Heartbreak Island Australia 2022 contestant is making moves far greater than hip thrusting.

The buff Heartbreaker had tongues wagging when he arrived on the Fijian island as a Disruptor in episode four.

Matched up with Ariana Kenny, things quickly got spicy upon the revelation that Sean is a performer with the highly popular Aussie performance troupe, Magic Men Australia.

But while the 23-year-old promises that fans will be privy to “some real juicy stuff” (i.e. “taking [his] clothes off”) in coming episodes, Sean reckons his co-star, Manaaki Hoepo, is who viewers need to keep a keen eye on.

“[Manaaki] is a facilitator for drama,” Sean dished to So Dramatic!.

“He will pick and choose what he hears, and then he’ll bring it up at the dinner table.”

This was evident early in the series when the 21-year-old New Zealander first ruffled feathers amongst Kieran Hickey, Maiata Boxer and Max Batchelor.

manaaki hoepo heartbreak island australia
Sean said Manaaki is a catalyst for drama. Source: Seven.

However, whether the Kiwi Heartbreaker serves up facts is “beyond” Sean.

“He’s not afraid to say, ‘Right, I heard this… Let’s have it out now’,” he said of his Manaaki’s tactics. “He’s not concerned about making friends, he just wants the truth out, which is fair play, really.

“But the way he does it is just a snaky style.”

Why Sean Wepener Thinks Heartbreak Island Was “Far Too Dramatic”

Teasing that there’s “so much” drama fans of the salacious show are yet to see, Sean admitted the spiciness was a little OTT at times.

“It’s quite exciting and it’s far too dramatic in some cases,” he recalled of his time on Heartbreak Island.

“Especially those scenes at the dinner table, they didn’t need to blow up as much as they did. And that’s where Manaaki likes to just make sure everything comes down and stirs that pot real well.”

And what better time to churn up some drama than during a lovely, not-so-peaceful meal?!

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

When it came to the “snaky style” drama, Sean confessed he was “true to [him]self” despite relationships and allyships going up in flames around him.

“There’s a lot of drama that unfolds but it wasn’t hard to be myself,” the former gym owner dished. “I can comfortably say I am myself for 100 per cent of the show.”

Adding that “all of [his] actions are genuine”, his reactions to his co-stars’ behaviour play out precisely as they would IRL.

“You know, if someone was to do something similar, like some sort of snaky aspects in real life, it’s pretty much how I would handle it in the show as well.”

sean heartbreak island australia
Sean is confident he was “100 per cent” himself during the experience. Source: Seven.

As for his castmates — Sean thinks there will be a “shock factor” when they learn the true personalities of their fellow Heartbreakers.

“There are some people on screen that act quite differently. So there will be a lot of surprises to come.”

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